Attorney General: Arkansas’ Death Penalty System Isn’t Broken

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - On a "5NEWS This Morning" segment that ran Saturday (Feb. 14), 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry spoke with Arkansas' new attorney general, Leslie Rutledge. One of the issues they discussed is whether the state's death penalty system is broken. The attorney general says her office is actively pushing capital punishment cases forward. Rutledge also gave tips on not being fooled with IRS scams.

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  • objectivefodder

    I have NO problem with your DEATH PENALTY, as long as you ALLOW and coordinate for the victims family to PULL the TRIGGER, or START the IV. Why do we, collectively, as citizenry of this state, have to collectively agree in support or participation of the killing of a human being by the state mandate or legislative condoning? Forensics are finding that so many are falsely accused and sentenced to death after the fact. So many have died when in reality they didn’t likely commit the heinous crimes alleged. Let the victims do the honor please, if that is what they will. They should decide on the criminal and perpetrators justice, not us. Stop putting all of our citizenry on the hook for this barbaric act. Didn’t your Christ say, stop the murdering and killing of others? Wasn’t he created to do away with the Old Testament “eye for an eye and tooth for tooth” nonsense? YOU want the death penalty, then let the victims family do the honors. Case closed, ’nuff said…

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