Fort Smith Regional Food Bank Feeds Children During School Holiday

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – The Fort Smith Regional Food bank served thousands of cans of food to students in its President’s Day “Have a Souper Weekend!” Drive.

More than 7,750 public school children received a can of beef stew and large can of Campbell’s soup to get them through the three-day weekend.

President’s Day is on Feb. 16.


  • John Mitchell

    What a pathetic state of affairs when a food bank has to take on the responsibility for a deadbeat parent. For those who make excuses for these “parents” you are part of the problem in not realizing what the welfare mentality is doing to this nation. You are responsible for the cancer called Barack Obama eating away at the very fabric of what made this country great. What liberalism is doing to America is weakening it to the point that one day we will be on our knees begging a country like China to save us from ourselves. And WHEN that happens, God help your children and their children.

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