Herbal Gardeners Host Annual Valentine’s Day Tea Party

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- An estimated three dozen people started their Valentine’s Day off with a tea party.

From rose pedal tea to hibiscus, and white tea to peppermint, the Herbal Committee of the River Valley Master Gardeners went all out for the event. Food was also served.

It all took place at the Reynolds Cancer Support House.

Guests arrived dressed in hats and gloves and got to learn the history of tea and European customs.

Hannelore de Knuffy was the hostess of the party. She’s from Germany and brought the teas from overseas.

“I brought them from Europe, and in Europe, in the old times, you couldn’t drink water,” she said. “After the war, water could not be drank. People didn’t like water over there, and so they put tea in it.”

She said the Valentine’s Day gathering has been going on for the past 15 years. Admission to the event was $20. All the money raised will go to Clayton House, Creekmore Park and the Learning Fields at Chaffee Crossing.

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