Winter Weather Threatens School On Monday

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Winter weather is expected to make its way into Northwest Arkansas Sunday (Feb. 15.)

Temperatures in Fayetteville almost reached the 70’s on Saturday (Feb. 14.)

With the possibility of snow in the forecast, some parents like Ani Hendrick say they are glad road crews are ready for any possibility of storms.

“I’m just glad they said they are going to pretreat the roads,” Hendrick said. “So, at least if it ices, the mains roads aren’t going to be as bad.”

When road conditions worsen, school districts are more likely to cancel classes.

Hendrick says her son, Desi, goes to daycare.

“If the local schools close, his daycare will most likely close as well,” Hendrick said. “So, we have to accommodate. We either take him with us to work. Or, if it is too bad to get to work, we will try to get our laptops with us at home, and work from home that day. But this year [bad weather] has been non-existent.”

Desi was one of many kids who were outdoors playing in the sun Saturday.

“I would prefer to stay [home] with [my parents],” Desi Hendrick said. “We play while my mom does work. And sometimes while my mom does work, I go to sleep.”

Ani Hendrick says she is prepared to adjust her workday plans any time weather may impact her child’s weekly routine.

“It is weather. It is normal. It happens all the time,” Ani Hendrick said. “Cold front moves through, and you just deal with it.”


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