Church, Business And Daycare Closings For Wednesday, Feb. 18

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  • What ever happened to....

    So, my kids go to a school in the Rogers school district. It seems that the only thing they can teach our kids is that if it snows on Saturday, you get the following week out of school. We have had this issue the last two school years. What ever happened to “walking to school, barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways?” Way to go Rogers school district, the other big three can find a way to hold classes. Even Farmington schools are open today. Those 5+ day weekends must be really nice. (Now we will get all the folks who can’t imagine sending their kids to school on the bus writing in.) Just saying the generations before us must have really been tough and now we are just soft. Oh wait, here comes the busses for the Prairie Grove schools. Way to go Rogers!

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