Road Department Prepares For Slick Streets In Benton County

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) - Crews started early Sunday (Feb. 15) morning pre-treating hills, bridges and intersections across Benton County, in prepartion for the winter weather Sunday night.

Administrator of Public Services Jeff Clark said crews sprayed magnesium chloride, as well as laid salt and sand in problem areas.

"Any place there's a lot of moisture, like out around the lake area, those areas that the moisture is more pronounced, we really hit those areas a lot," Clark said.

He said all the trucks and equipment are ready to go. Clark said when the ground temperature hits freezing, his crew members will be on the over 1800 miles of county roads.

"Usually within the hour we can have the trucks on the road,  they're loaded in the barns tonight ready to go, the only thing they're doing now's a timing process to see when this is going to hit," Clark said.

Rogers residents Stephanie and Johnny Dishman said they have already made their prepartions for the inclement weather.

"Go to the grocery store, pick up a few extra items, and make sure the vehicles have fuel," Dishman said.

The Dishman's said they are ready for wintery roads in their 4-wheel drive car, but said they always pay extra attention to the other drivers.

"I feel confident enough that we get around for our necessities, but you always have to have your eye out for other people on the road," Dishman said.

The Benton County Road Department has 20 graters, 6 plow trucks, and 4 spreaders to help clear roads. Clark said he has over 50 employees he can call in if necessary.

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