Tips For Driving Safely In Winter Weather

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-As winter weather is moving into our area, 5NEWS wants you to stay safe on the roads.

According to AAA, avoid using cruise control when driving on slippery roads. Accelerate and slow down gradually. Don’t power-up hills, and proceed down hills as slowly as possible.

Also be sure to check the 5NEWS forecast before driving in isolated areas or making a long distance drive. An experienced local driver also has a few pointers.

“Stay at least three to four car lengths behind anyone that’s in front of you,” Nancy Lewallen said. “Follow the police instructions, they know, they’ve been doing this for eons. They know how to tell you what to do, so follow the instructions and follow the rules, and you’ll stay out of trouble and you won’t get in an accident.”

Of course, wear your seat-belt every time you get in the car.

For more safety tips from AAA, click here.

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