Alma Rep.’s Bill Would Allow Make-Up Days In One-Hour Increments

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – An Alma state lawmaker’s bill to allow schools to make up snow days by the hour passed committee Tuesday.

Rep. Charlotte Douglas, R-Alma, submitted House Bill 1313 on Feb. 9. It would allow school district superintendents in Arkansas to add onto school days in one-hour increments in order to make up for canceled school days, such as snow days.

The bill was referred to the House Education Committee on Feb. 9. It passed the committee Tuesday and was sent back to the Arkansas House of Representatives.

The measure would save school districts from having to add onto the end of the school year with additional instruction days. Douglas’ bill states “that school districts need more flexibility to manage make-up school days missed due to exceptional or emergency circumstances.”

The proposed law lists examples as school days lost because of inclement weather, contagious disease outbreak and other extreme circumstances.

“We are entering the time of year when many school days are missed due to weather,” Douglas states in the bill. “This act is immediately necessary to ensure that school district flexibility is in place before the end of the current school year.”

The House is set to hear the bill Thursday.


  • Say What

    The problem with “adding on days in hour increments” at the end of the day means many students won’t be there due to various after school events….sports (God forbid they are taken out of sports) and after school jobs are two off the top of my head that I can think of. Of course you also get into the problem of teachers with after school jobs, and their children in another school system that may not have to make up days. I foresee these and other issues with this “add-on” bill. Even if the hour increments are added at the beginning of the day, there are also problems with that scenario.

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