Arrest Made In Case Of Fayetteville Cat Shot Through Head With Arrow

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – An arrest has been made in the case of a Fayetteville cat that was shot through the head with an arrow, police say.

The suspect taken into custody was identified as Micaeleb Prather, 19, according to police.

Micaeleb Prather, courtesy of Washington County Detention Center

Micaeleb Prather, courtesy of Washington County Detention Center

On Jan. 21, workers with Fayetteville Animal Services saved a male cat named Simba that had been shot through the head with an arrow. They successfully removed the arrow from its head through surgery. The cat was found near Happy Hollow Road.

Police said they received information that Prather said he was responsible for shooting a cat with an arrow in the same area Simba was found. On Feb. 18, police called Prather, and he agreed to meet an investigator for an interview, according to an arrest report.

During the interview, Prather said the arrow Simba was shot with was his, the report states. He also said he shot the cat with the arrow while visiting friends on Happy Hollow Road, police said.

Prather was shooting arrows when he saw Simba in a nearby yard. After seeing Simba, he decided to shoot the cat, according to the police report.

The suspect faces a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to a dog, cat or horse, police said. According to jail records, his first court hearing is scheduled for Feb. 20.


  • ms duncan

    Castrate him because someone like him doesn’t need to be a father. One year in prison, $10,000 fine and 5 years mental healthcare that if he doesn’t pay for he can work off doing community service. That is what would be justice and might deter others from following in his footsteps!

    • yellowdogdemocrat

      This piece of human trash can get all the counseling he want’s while he is doing hard time.
      Man and they call me liberal !

    • Jen Shreve

      As a school psychologist, I’ve dealt with several cases of a child committing cruelty to animals (as well as fire-setting, which is another huge red flag for future violence towards people). However, this person is a MAN, not a child. Also, I think that BOTH a trial & a sentence AND mental health evaluation & services are warranted here. If you just sentence & do not help this individual explore WHY he did this, you’re setting him up to commit violence again in the future. The hope is always that this individual CAN change the way he copes with things, the decisions he makes & the actions he commits.

    • Gladys

      You don’t know, this was probably someone’s pet. If so it would be neutered. It sounds as though you don’t care for pets… Young people who do bad things to cats and dogs turn to killing people when they become adults…..
      (Read up on Jeffery Dalmer from Wisconsin)

      • BJM

        This cat IS someone’s pet. A family member. And you’re right about the fact that hurting animals at this age fits the profile of almost all serial killers.

    • Mike

      An already overpopulated animal….you mean like humans? Perhaps you should rethink how you qualify what makes a felony and what doesn’t. A violent act against an innocent, especially an innocent we have made dependent upon us for their survival, should be a felony if it is committed solely for the sake of violence as this particular case obviously was. But don’t worry too much about the poor innocent kid. He’ll get a slap on the wrist because in the end, we don’t take these things seriously by the time they get to a court of law. Sad but true.

    • DJ

      It takes people like you to make me realize how many idiots there are in this area. Obviously you have no compassion for people or animals. A person who is cruel to animals is just a step away from being the same to children (another being who can’t defend themselves).

    • Alison

      Wow a felony for pumping lead into you and your family – well after all you are part of the of human overpopulation problem.



    • BJM

      Thank you for getting help for Simba. You probably saved the poor cat’s life. And I am so glad the little girl didn’t see her pet in that condition.

    • JennyShreve

      Diane, thank you for helping Simba, for sure. It must’ve been horrific to have found him that way. Thank goodness for good folks like yourself, the Fayetteville Animal Shelter staff (esp the vet who removed the arrow), the FPD & the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.


    It was a 13yr old girls pet. Thank goodness they were out of town and she didn’t see it before school that day. It was horrifying

  • Lila

    He also needs to be made to pay for Simbas medical bills and any following costs as a result of the injury the poor cat suffered. Hope he gets prison time with a very lonely “Bubba” .

    • Greg

      This will be my last comment but I used to live on happy hollow the cat population is ridiculous and I called animal control multiple times…. my trash was scattered across my yard every week on trash day…. personally I feel like either animal control does something about it or people will take things into their own hands their is no reason to spend an hour cleaning up trash every week because cats tear your trash up every week… and being held without bond when murders have been bonded out is ridiculous

      • ms duncan

        Greg all you needed to do was have a lid on your garbage can. I guess you also were coddled so you learned to whine about problems.

      • Greg

        Or people could stop throwing their animals outside and letting the stray problem in Fayetteville grow… stories like this will become commonplace soon enough I’m not the only one on the street that was sick of it…and you have to use the trash cans the city supplies for you in whatever condition it is unfortunately 2 of them didn’t have lids

      • ace4219

        Dear Greg, regardless of your view on the matter, a bow can not be used within city limits on anything other than a target. Did he have an urban hunting license for cats? If the overpopulation of said animals was putting lives in danger, then something would be done. I take my trash out the day it gets picked up. I do not permit any wild animal 12 or more hours to mess with my waste. Did you get mauled and critically wounded by the cats that you say are overpopulating the area? Oh no your trash can does? Glad you watch it 24/7, We all know cats are the only animals that get into trash. No Racoons, dogs or any other animal ever ever get into trash cans. I am so glad you know everything and are so prepared all the problems.

        PS: I appreciate your stance on hunting, but animal cruelty will never be ok. Did he eat the cat because he was dying of starvation and use its fur to keep himself warm through the winter?

        Sincerely. Shut up.

      • Jen Shreve

        Greg, you bring up a very good & important point. First, however, I want to point out that this was NOT a feral cat; this was a beloved member of the family & a 13 year-old girl’s pet. It is, of course, difficult to keep outside or inside/outside cats from roaming, but this cat was well-fed & was likely not into someone’s trash. Second, the way to deal with feral cat colonies is by working with local animal control AND a place like the Humane Society of the Ozarks (HSO). The HSO has several efforts underway to deal with the feral cat colony problem, by utilizing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) programs, but doing this DOES require #1 people in the neighborhood calling them to let them know of the cat colony & #2 people in the neighborhood being willing to help them “trap” the cats in the humane traps; all that’s typically required is for the neighbor to phone them after they’ve laid their traps & report that there is indeed a cat inside of the trap, so that they can come collect the cat, neuter it & then release it back into the cat colony from where it came. Now….this doesn’t solve your immediate problem, but most things of this nature do take some time to solve/resolve.

  • Peoplebeforeanimls

    police shoot dogs everyday in every town.
    Guess if you shoot a cat is prison time. Now we know why dogs are shot but not cats. Sad isn’t it?

      • Alissa

        Those of us who support the breed don’t ignore it and try and bring up the issues to city councils so this type of thing stops happening…point is both are innocent and don’t deserve this

  • Della J

    What an absolute idiot! He knows right from wrong, he just needs to know how much something like that hurts. He has no concept of feeling. I’m not saying to shoot him with an arrow…but give him a choice of options that he inflicts the pain on himself. Then he is made to do HARD PHYSICAL labor (I’m not talking about sitting and watching someone else) until he has the vet bills paid for, plus extra to the shelter for having to deal with his idiotic actions. How else does one his age learn except to have to be responsible for his own action. “he needs help” is an excuse!

  • Greg

    Your comments are just as sick as what he did….you need to check yourselfs and your morals if you can say some of the sick things your saying

  • brandon

    its a cat…. i know somebody loved it, but this outrage in the comments seems to be a little too much. im sure he is embarrassed as heck having his picture blasted on the news… THE CAT SURVIVED. 20 years ago this probably wouldnt have even been investigated. people make mistakes, why throw the book at the guy, make him pay the damages and court costs and be done with it… all the people calling for the young man’s head must live pretty nice lives to be so concerned with cat justice… yall would send a guy to jail or prison and talk about like he deserves it, let those without sin cast the first stone in my opinion…

    • ms duncan

      You don’t get it.The guy has no morals like the rest of the criminals,meth heads,murderers and child petifiles rampant in society today. He isn’t a child needing to be coddled. Already noted his act usually is a warning of people who kill other people who have no reguard for human life. One needs pure hate to do such an act to an animal that poses no danger to humans at all. If we don’t start making criminals think twice about what the consequences are Americans can expect crimes to keep getting worse. Maybe you’re the one living such a good life that crimes haven’t affected you and your family yet.Charles Manson would love you. Would you go to bat for him saying he is imprisoned wrongfully because other people actually committed the crime?

    • Alissa

      Brandon, I agree, he should not be shot, etc. but what people are upset about is that he is old enough to know right from wrong, that his “mistake” as you put it is not a mistake it was done on purpose as he stated to police. He deserves punishment for hurting an innocent animal and if you do to think that warrants punishment think of it as damaging property. Anyway you look at it it was wrong and it is sick. It really is a sign of someone murdering people when older so I think he needs mental health checks as well because when he kills someone you know, then you may think he should have been punished for something that clearly shows signs of carelessness of life. Oh and bringing religion into it at the end of your comment….thou shalt not kill…remember that?

    • Jen Shreve

      Brandon, as a school psychologist, I can tell you that this guy’s actions could be someone on the path to becoming a very violent person. There is a clear correlation between cruelty to animals & violence towards people. If you’re not concerned about the cat being shot in the head with an arrow, imagine how you’d feel if your mother, or sister, or a good friend was violated, & you found out later that the aggressor had begun with animals. We HAVE to take such actions seriously in order to protect future victims, both human and animal. The Arkansas Animal Cruelty Law has provisions in it, not only for sentencing involving jail time, fines and/or community service, but also for the aggressor to be evaluated by a psychologist to determine WHY this person has committed such a violent act, what the chances are that he may do it again & also to provide intervention to turn the man’s life around. It is a GOOD thing. Just because society has turned a blind eye to these transgressions in the past does not support not addressing it now.

  • JAY


    • Jen Shreve

      Jay, as a school psychologist, I can assure you that there is a very, very strong correlation between cruelty to animals and violence to people, especially children. Any police detective or profiler can tell you this & provide you with supporting data. It’s ALL important to deal with, believe me, and worthwhile to do.

  • Jen Shreve

    Because Prather bonded-out of the Washington County Jail yesterday (2/19/15), his scheduled arraignment in the Washington County Circuit Court was moved to Wednesday, March 18th. I urge all concerned citizens to please write to the Washington County Prosecutor to urge him to employ the Arkansas Animal Cruelty law to the fullest extent possible, given the felony charge of Aggravated Animal Cruelty. The Prosecutor’s name is Matt Durrett & you may contact him by following this link:

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