Gallup Poll: Arkansas Has The Fifth-Highest Church Attendance In The Country

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Courtesy: Gallup

ARKANSAS (KFSM) – A new poll released by Gallup reveals that Arkansas has the fifth-highest church attendance in the United States.

According to the poll, 45 percent of Arkansas residents attend church on a weekly basis. Utah had the highest percentage of weekly attendance with 51 percent of its residents attending weekly religious services.

Oklahoma placed at number ten on the list with 39 percent of its residents attending a weekly religious service, the poll states.

The results are based on daily tracking interviews done in 2014 with 177,030 U.S. adults, according to Gallup. Poll workers would ask those being surveyed “How often do you attend church, synagogue or mosque — at least once a week, almost every week, about once a month, seldom or never?” The survey reflects those who responded “at least once a week.”

Vermont has the lowest population of residents who attend a weekly religious service, according to the data. Only 17 percent of its residents attend a religious service weekly.

To see the Gallup Poll results, click here. 


    • Mark

      Anyone notice to the correlation to church attendance and their respective socioeconomic woes.. Funny how the states with the highest attendance are also those leading the country in obesity..poverty.. lack of civil rights and low education scores.. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.. Not!!

      • Mark

        We lead the country in art? Are you kidding? Have you ever even been to an art museum or for that matter ever been out of this state? East coast.. West coast?? And traveling to see a NASCAR event doesn’t count!

      • I know it

        I don’t like Nascar, I have 2 degrees, and am in a paid professional position. I have been to many cities and art museums and we have a fine one. I have traveled out of the country, on more than one occasion. You seem bitter and unhappy. Perhaps you should put the time and effort that you extend into commenting into improving your situation.

      • Mark

        Perhaps you should put your time and energy into responding with accurate facts?? Impressive that you’ve been out of the country.. Wow.. That’s unusual for an Arkie…you said we “lead” the country in art.. Don’t make absurd statements and you won’t get bitter and angry replies.. Rational people don’t like people like you.. Sorry!!

      • I know it

        Forbes magazine, among others, have complimented the museum. I think that’s fact enough. Professional, career minded, self motivated people like me don’t really like radical name calling people like you, either.

      • Mark

        Who’s denying that it’s a great museum? You said Arkansas leads the country in art.. Whatever that means?? It’s obviously a ridiculous statement..professional career minded yada yada.. Who isn’t? Stick to the original facts.. The most religious states are clearly the cellar dwellers on all socioeconomic indicators.. And you don’t see the connection? Quit denying factual’ve lost the arguement..

    • Lin Frank

      Mr. chamber of commerce’s comment on here about WALMART and JB HUNT fails to see or understand the lack of SHARING THE WEALTH in NORTHWEST ARKANSAS….they/the rich REPUBLICONS can’t see the forrest from the trees…

      • I know it

        You and only you are responsible for your situation. You will never have anything or be happy with anything if you continue to blame others for shortcomings.
        Both Sam Walton and JB Hunt brought their fortunes on themselves by working hard. They did not inherit a trust fund but you somehow think they should share with you. Why?

  • Lin Frank

    and yet the wisdom of God somehow escaped these CHURCH goers back in NOVEMBER when they elected officials who could care less about the poor and need among us…it’s called HYPOCRISY

    • John Mitchell

      Oh whoa is me. Quit blaming successful people for being successful. After all; who is paying for your welfare check?

  • fox news jr.

    Could Channel 5 provide a list of the words they don’t allow in their posts (even if they allow them in their stories and headlines) so those of us who don’t take our pants off to count to 20 1/2 can learn to write around them?

  • Say What

    Yes, they are attending with cell phones in hand and in use during the service. Please don’t use the excuse, “my bible is on my phone”….sure…and I was born late last night in the dark.

  • Richard S. Drake

    What on earth are “special rights?”
    The right not to keep your job? The right to marry the person you love? The right to visit the person you love in the hospital?
    Just the rights the REST of us have.

  • Richard S. Drake

    Acceptance, right. As long as no one is asking you to join them in a bit of slap and tickle, you really, really don’t have a leg to stand on.
    There a lot of really gross things that some “normal” folks do in their relationships, but we still serve THEM with a smile!
    We settled all of this “I reserve the right to refuse service . . .” nonsense back in the 1960s. I know; I was a sentient being then.

  • John Mitchell

    Tell us Curt. What was your RE AL purpose in posting this story? Enlighten us idiot. All you liberals on here spewing your tired rhetoric about how people who go to church are so intolerant when you all are the biggest hypocrites around. So predictable.

  • Darin

    If you don’t attend church you will look for another way to take care of your problems. Doesn’t it make more sense to give God your problems instead of ruining your life on drugs or alcohol?
    Case and point-
    Vermont, which had the least people attending church regularly, has the highest rate of illicit drug use in the country with 15% of people saying they’ve used within the past month (compared to 4.2% in Utah, which had the highest number of people attending church regularly, where drug use is the lowest), according to 2010-2011 surveys from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The state ranked high for almost every type of drug, from marijuana to cocaine.
    Vermont places seventh in alcohol per-capita consumption of alcohol
    It’s a fact, Jack!

    • Mark

      Which god shall we turn to? Who cares if people drink alcohol.. Smoke weed etc.. If they are law abiding responsible citizens what business is it of yours?

      • darin

        Hmmm that’s an oxymoron if there ever was one: a drug using. liquor drinking, law abiding, responsible citizen. LOL There are lots of those in prison. No wonder you can’t figure out which GOD we should turn to…you might try the one that’s listed on our money that you spend, or the pledge of allegiance.

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