Local 8-Year-Old Performs In National Traveling Show Of “Camelot”

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- Three young local actors are getting on the big stage at the Walton Arts Center this week in a national performance of "Camelot."

Preston Dulaney (15), Jake Fennell (12) and Jack Duncan (8) are all playing the role of Sir Tom of Warwick. Duncan is a third grader at Fayetteville Montessori, and is an accomplished actor at his young age.

"I want to be a palentologist/actor," Duncan said.

Duncan said this is his ninth theatrical performance. The eight-year-old started acting three years ago.

"I really like to be someone I'm not while still being the person I am," Duncan said.

The boy is the youngest actor in the "Camelot" cast. He said he never gets butterflies when he performs.

"If you do happen to mess up, you dont have to go 'oh' like that, you can just keep on going the way that you were going," Duncan said.

Wednesday (Feb. 18) is Duncan's first debut with the show. His mother and biggest fan Amy Matthews said she'll be nervous enough for the both of them.

"I think I might cry a little becuse I'll just be so proud of him, and so happy, and I almost teared up watching him rehearse," Matthews said.

She said Jack will also perform on Saturday, which happens to be his ninth birthday.

"That's probably going to be the show I'm most excited for," Duncan said.

Matthews said Duncan and his five-year-old brother grew up around drama. Matthews is an English Literature teacher at Fayetteville High. She said she can't wait to see him perform on the big stage.

"When people come up and applaud for my son, I was like 'of course he's awesome.' but it's nice to see everybody else know it as well," Matthews said.

"Camelot" will be at the Walton Arts Center through Sunday Feb. 22. Tickets cost $36-$70. For more information on show times, click here.

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