Police: Man Arrested In Oklahoma For Using Baby To Hide Pot

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CNN – Authorities in Canadian County, Okla. arrested an Arizona man on Feb. 17, saying they found marijuana hidden under a baby in his car.

The man was pulled over for speeding by an agent with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. When the agent said he smelled pot, the people in the vehicle denied it.

A five-month-old infant was supposed to be hiding the pot, but the agent got his K-9 unit “Scout” and found the marijuana under the baby.

“Whenever you pull over a car that has children in it, you just hope there’s nothing in that car. And then when you do come across it you go through a roller-coast of emotion,” the agent said.

The Arizona man was identified as Andrew C. Wyatt Jr., and he was taken into custody not long after the pot was found.

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