Two Men Arrested In Police Impersonation Case, Deputies Say

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) - Two men were arrested in a police impersonation case, according to a news release.

On Friday (Feb. 13) at 10:03 p.m., detectives with the Benton County Sheriff's Office pulled over a suspected law enforcement vehicle for improper display of a license plate near Bulldog Avenue in Benton County, deputies said.

The car caught their attention because it had an Ohio license plate displayed through the rear window of the vehicle, the release states. Though the vehicle was black and white with police decals displayed on all sides, it didn't have any city, county or state name identifying the jurisdiction of the "officers" inside of it, according to deputies.

The car detectives pulled over was a Ford Crown Victoria (seen below) with a red and blue emergency light bar on top and a push-bar affixed to the front, the release states.

The suspects were identified as convicted felon Kendall Wright and Joshua Presley, deputies said.

Both suspects were booked into the Benton County Detention Center, and Kendal Wright faces charges of first-degree criminal impersonation, possession of a controlled substance, emergency lights and sirens by prohibited persons, driving on a suspended driver's license and lights for emergency vehicles violations, according to the release. Presley faces a charge of possession of a controlled substance, jail records state.

As of Feb. 18 at 1:30 p.m., both suspects had bonded out of jail, according to deputies.



    • A. Neil Lingus

      Always with the thinly-veiled homoeroticism, huh, Bob? I can assure you it’s nowhere near as fun as they make it look on the teevee.

  • oink oink oink

    Benton County must not like new business competing for their revenue. I hope these guys own that department after this goes to court.

    • Jason

      Let me guess… you’re one of the poor helpless law-abiding citizens that always get harassed by the police? Awww… poor you… them big bad police officers wont let you shoplift, do and sell drugs, beat your spouse and drive your lowrider at dangerous speeds while running red lights? Poor baby… it must be hell on you!!!

      PS… the police NEVER bother me and if they ever do happen to pull me over, they let me go and are nice about it. If im doing something wrong… I fully expect to be ticketed or arrested. Which is why I dont do anything illegal. Dont blame the police because of your low life activities. They didnt make you do them!

      • a little common sense goes a long way, jason

        Never shoplifted, haven’t done any drugs except what’s prescribed, don’t have a spouse, cringe if I happen to scrape the chin of the car on a curb, and am usually the one someone passes to run a red light. What else you got?

    • Bill

      Own the department for what? What did the police do wrong? Arrest a felon for driving around in a fake police car with illegal equipment…..

      Please don’t reproduce.

      • a little common sense goes a long way, bill

        Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’d never bring a child into a world populated with people like you and Jason.

  • Rick Cain

    Police get pretty irritated when you question their authority. Citizens in the past have been arrested and even beaten when the suspected the officer was fake but turned out to be real. The citizen is in quite a quandry…

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