Fort Smith Father On Journey Of Justice After Daughter’s 1985 Killing

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- A Fort Smith father wants to know who killed his young daughter 30 years ago.

Leslie Haag was 14 years old when she disappeared after going out on a walk in Fort Smith. Fred Haag, Leslie's father, says his life since his daughter's death has been a journey of justice.

“They cheated me out of so much," he said. "It's pitiful. [I] didn't get to see her graduate, didn't see her married. No grandkids, no nothing. Every time I go over there and sit at her grave it tears me up that's all I can say.”

Leslie went missing on Nov. 1, 1985. Court documents state her death was ruled as a homicide, but there have been no suspects arrested in the case.

“They picked [Leslie] up, that's what I suspect, and they killed her in the car and then dumped her up on the Bailey Hill Reservoir,” Haag said.

Documents show investigators also found an unopened six-pack of lite beer near her body.

“I was told that she had one of her shoe strings around her neck out of her shoes,” Haag said. “Her shoes have never turned up. That's still a mystery.”

Haag said about a week ago investigators were able to gather evidence that wasn't available back in 1985.

“They didn't have DNA evidence back in 1985," he said. "The clothes that [Leslie] was wearing that night have been sent to [the state crime lab] in Little Rock."

Leslie is buried at the Fort Smith National Cemetery since Haag served overseas in Japan.

“I just tell her how much I miss her and what she's been missing all these years,” he said.

Haag said not knowing who murdered his daughter before he dies is impossible for him to understand.

"That's why I want this settled," he said. "Because my dad died at 87 and I'll be 87 in May and medical statistics show you live as long as your biological parents."

Leslie Haag's case remains open and active.

“I lost a good person, a good human being, and I miss her like hell," Haag said.

If you have any information related to the case, call police.


  • Polly Anna

    My condolences go out to Mr Haag. I didn’t know Leslie personally but we were close in age. I remember so vividly hearing of her disappearance and death. I’m praying Mr Haag that you find peace and justice for Leslie.

  • Jack

    i was 10 years old in 1985 I would hate to think of what all I missed out on all those years and the pain of my parents

  • penny

    I have been preying for 30 years that they find the person/ people that did this to this BEAUTIFUL person inside an out. But what I don’t understand is why they dropped the step dad as a suspect. He took them to right wear her body was. Or maybe they need to look into one of the low life’s that her sister use to bring around all the time.. either way GOD HAS BEEN PROTECTING HER FOR 30 YEARS AN WILL CONTINUE TOO. I PREY THAT HER FATHER GETS PEACE THAT HE HAS BEEN LONGING FOR. GOD BLESS.

  • Phyllis

    Leslie’s oldest sister, Lisa Feigh,t is my sister-in-law. She, like her father has mourned the loss of her sister over a 30 year span. She brought Leslie, along with my toddler niece to my house on Halloween trick-or-treating the night before Leslie died. I will never forget talking to Leslie about her new shoes with bright laces. She was proud of them. Then some sick person used one of those shoelace while killing this vibrant and sweet young girl. I pray the murderer will be brought to justice for the sake of her family.

  • carol

    This family lived across the street from my aunt when this happened. I remember being at my aunts when the police came. I still cannot believe the step dad didn’t have anything to do with it. I pray they find the murderer.

  • Ida brown

    My sister lived across the street from this family. She was very fond of Leslie and her sister! My heart was sickened by this and my sister was deeply saddened by this murder. I pray this comes to closure, it has been way too many years.

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