Fort Smith Collision Forces Car Off Road

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Fort Smith police worked a two-vehicle accident Saturday (Feb. 21) at the intersection of Rogers Ave. and Old Greenwood Rd.

According to police, a driver turning right onto Rogers Ave. failed to yield at a red stop light on Free Ferry Road and slammed into a black Lincoln.

Police said the car that was hit had a green arrow to turn left from Old Greenwood Road onto Rogers Ave. and was pushed onto a local business’ property.

The driver was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device, according to police on scene.

No injuries were reported.


  • bobreal

    If the Car Turning Left Turned into the INSIDESIDE Lane and the Car Turning Right Turned into the OUTSIDE Lane the cars WOULDNOT OF CONNECTED…
    Someone needs to go back to DRIVERS ED..

      • bobreal

        I’ve been Driving for almost 45yrs.. I was taught when TURNING RIGHT You TURN INTO THE OUTSIDE LANE FIRST; Before changing to the INSIDE LANE.. And when TURN LEFT YOU TURN INTO THE INSIDE LANE THEN MAKE SURE THE OUTSIDE LANE IS CLEAR BEFORE CHANGING LANES.. Wish They Pass a Law when involved in a Wreck; You have to take Both the Written and Behind the Wheel Exam again; AN PASS…

      • Lucy

        Bob, you need to teach that to the people who turn out of Walmart on Rogers onto Rogers Ave. Those of us coming off the yield from Phoenix have to wait because those idiots don’t know that one simple rule of lane usage.

  • Diverdude

    Northbound Old Greenwood traffic has two left turn lanes. Southbound traffic is required to yield right of way when northbound left turn green arrows are on. Your assessment would be correct if north and southbound each had only one lane movement.

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