Local Teen’s Tennis Fundraiser Expanding

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ROGERS (KFSM) - She's only 17 years-old and already she's making a big impact by combining two things she's passionate about,  tennis and helping others.

"I know a lot of people have dealt with cancer and have suffered from it, so it kind of just clicked in my head to put tennis and that together and make something out of it," Tennis Relay for Genomic Caner Research founder Teah Flynn said. "You know, try and help out with hopefully a cure later on."

This is the fourth year Flynn has held her tennis relay event at Pinnacle Country Club to raise money for genomic cancer research, and this year her event have grown to levels she never expected.

"We've learned the more coaches the better. That worked this year we actually got a coach in Kenya to participate. So, it's gone international which is just fantastic," Flynn said.

Along with now spreading over seas this year, Flynn's tennis relay event spans from coast to coast in five different states. Something she hopes will only keep growing.

"I thought maybe it was going to be maybe local at the most. So you know, for it to spread to different states, and for actual coaches to be extremely interested in it, it makes me so happy and so relived to know people are really interested in it like I am. For coaches in Kenya to actually take time out of their day to contact me about it and actually participate is just incredible," Flynn said.

But she isn't stopping here. She wants more people out on the court hitting balls and raising money.

"My next big task is trying to target high schools specifically because it has community service, it has a good time with our teammates. It's a great way for them to get involved, and it's so easy for them to put on. That's definitely what I'm trying to target next time," Flynn said.

Flynn will be hosting another tennis relay in April with Farmington High School.