Clear Roads In Springdale

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – Some light flurries were spotted in Northwest Arkansas Sunday (Feb. 22), but no snow accumulation has been reported.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department and the Benton County Sheriff’s Department, no weather-related accidents have been reported. Springdale resident Angela Sayarinh said she is concerned if any sort of precipitation sticks to the roads.

“I am worried because I live on top of a hill and it gets really slick and icy, so when I have to go to work it’s just like dangerous, I really hate it,” Sayarinh said.

Driver Jared Brooks said he knows his four-wheel drive truck can handle the snow, but he said it gets tricky when there is ice. The Springdale resident said he is most concerned about the other people on the road.

“That is the worst part, and if you’re scared of it you don’t need to be out, and that’s really what causes all the accidents in my mind, because if they lock up the brakes, they stand on the brakes, that’s the worst thing you can do, and they get going too fast, too big of hurry,” Brooks said.

Sayarinh said she isn’t comfortable getting out in the snow, and said she knows better than to drive after winter weather.

“I brake a lot so it kind of scares me, so I try to stay in with the weather like this, so for other people I don’t know some people know how to drive in it and some people don’t,” Sayarinh said.

State highway crews were seen pre-treating sections of I-49 in Washington County Sunday afternoon.

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