Arkansas Prohibits Expanded Local Anti-Discrimination Laws

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) – Arkansas has become the second state in the nation to ban local governments from expanding anti-discrimination protections to include gender identity and sexual orientation.

Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Feb. 23 allowed legislation barring cities or counties from prohibiting discrimination on a basis not covered by state law to become law without his signature. It will go into effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns.

Arkansas’ anti-discrimination protections do not include gender identity or sexual orientation.

Monday marked the end of the five-day window for Hutchinson to veto the bill or allow it to become law. Hutchinson had said he would not sign or veto the bill, citing concerns about it taking away local control.

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  • PeaceLily

    I’ve wondered how this law will impact people who look androgenous or people who are perceived as being homosexual, but in fact are not. It amazes me to live in a state where the majority of its citizens feel okay about being discriminatory based solely on factors that can only be verified behind closed doors in the privacy of a bathroom or bedroom. Way to go Arkansas. We’re slowly catching up to our bigoted neighbors to the west.

    • A good law

      Most I know, myself included, could care less what homosexuals do in private with one another. That is between them and whomever they feel accountable to. What I object to are the arrogant, bullying homosexuals who get in my face and demand I accept their lifestyle as right and normal, and threaten action if I don’t agree. Perverted and disgusting as that lifestyle is, it is theirs. Most of us see no problem with homosexuals having legal unions, or whatever name they chose to call it, with all the rights and responsibilities of marriage, but marriage is between a man and a woman. Find another name and use it, and there will be fewer problems. This is a good law.

      • Mark

        See wal marts public statement regarding this bill..And all the other large companies (96% to be exact of the Fortune 500)..This legislation directly opposes what’s going on in the corporate world and universities around the country.. Savvy business move too.. Unbelievable really!!

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