Barling Officer Pulls Woman From Fiery Wreck After Boyfriend Runs Off, Police Say

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BARLING (KFSM) – A Barling officer rescued a woman from a fiery crash early Saturday morning. Police say the woman’s boyfriend ran from the wreckage.

The Barling Police Department received a call at 2:26 a.m. of a single-vehicle crash at the 1500 block of Church Street. The responding officer, Richard Dyer, noticed a mangled car upside down on the side of the road, according to police.

Police said Dyer grabbed a woman who was inside the overturned car and pulled her from the wreckage while flames spread to the rest of the vehicle from the engine block, which had caught on fire. Emergency crews transported Lauren Kramer to Mercy Medical Center in Fort Smith. Kramer, 21, was later taken by a medical helicopter to a hospital in Tulsa, according to Barling police.

Police said Dyer has been with the department for two years.

The woman suffered several serious injuries, including a broken back, neck and ribs. She also received a lacerated liver and spleen from the wreck, police said. A family member told police Monday she is critical, but expected to eventually make a full recovery.

"I just wanted to get her out," Dyer said in a statement. "I just wanted to get her to safety without hurting her any further."

Four people were in the car at the time of the crash. The injured woman was the front-side passenger, while two backseat passengers made it out safe. The driver, Darren Barnett, made it out of the vehicle and ran away before first responders made it to the scene, police said.

Sebastian County deputies later went to Barnett’s home and arrested him on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, obstruction and fleeing the scene of an injury accident. The potential fleeing charge is the only felony among the charges he faces, police said.

Barnett remained Monday in the Sebastian County Detention Center on $6,550 bond, according to a jail deputy.

Police said Dyer's calm demeanor diffused what could have been a life-threatening situation.

"He's a hero. That's all you can say about that," said Chief Darrel Miner. "He remained calm when it could have been chaotic."


  • her-best-friend

    well when your intoxicated and all of the different hormones and adrenaline running through your body they dont know what to do some people are stuck like almost being paralyzed, pass out or just run no one knows what was running through his mind but i do know that he loves her very much and she loves him too.. so none of you know anything and untill you do you have no room to talk. hes still in jail till tonight and yes im upset with him shes my sister my everything and ill go to the ends of the earth for her and if she loves him ill do it for him too! @horace

  • HL

    Wow. What a piece of cr@p, Barnett is. Evidently, officer Dyer was the only man on the scene. I’m glad Miss Kramer be ok.

  • Truth

    I know this girl and this guy personally.
    I’m not going throw my name out there for them to attack me, but I’ll say my two sense.

    This guy is a waste of human. He is as white trash as they come. If he was to die in the wreck very few would come and appreciate what he has done in his life. He has done nothing, and will be cycled through the white trash family until one of his off spring becomes something useful to this world.

    Laura on the other hand is a caring, sweet girl. She has made mistakes, but she at least trys to make do with what she has. If she would have died in that wreck… something he did, it would have been horrible and people would have showed up to mourn over her..
    If he died.. only 2-6 people would care. He would always be remembered as the guy who killed him and his girl because he is the way he is…. useless.
    Now he is always going to be remembered as the guy who got in a wreck.. almost killed the “girl he loves”, and ran from the scene.

    The worst part is she will stay with him.. and he will continue to be the way he is.
    The view of people like that blow my mind… and how small they see the world. She won’t leave him or hate him for doing something as awful as that.. I can’t imagine her ever growing up and moving through the world as more than a spec, along with him.

    If she could see that he is useless… and other guys out there would treat her better, (guys with money, guys with futures, guys who work hard and take care of others), then she could truly become something…
    But while she is with someone who “loves her”, and runs from her while she is going to burn alive in the car in pain.. hoping no one will know he is the one who drove… then she will never be anything more than what she is now

  • arnold fudpucker

    Judging from the collective response from those who claim to know the folks involved in this crash I would say their collective I.Q is upwards of ….say 30 maybe! Either that or none of them was sober when they responded to this article.

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