Food Trucks Could Make Their Way To River Valley If Approved

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – You could soon be seeing food trucks open for business in the Fort Smith area.

The Planning Commission is meeting with the public and food truck owners today (Mon. Feb. 23) to hear their thoughts.

The city says they’d like to see food trucks around town, but only if the public agrees. Fort Smith city leaders say there is a lot of interest in the economic development behind food trucks. Especially after seeing the benefits brought in by food trucks in Fayetteville.

Food trucks in Fayetteville are staying busy year round. This coming after the Fayetteville City Council passed a new Mobile Vendor Ordinance in March of 2014. This allows businesses to operate food trucks in public areas.

5NEWS caught up with Fayetteville food truck vendor Ann Harris, owner of Zuppa Zuppa Soup Kitchen. Harris says, “People like the novelty if it, and it also depends on how organized it is among the trailers. Some businesses can stand alone, but it’s also nice in a way to feed off each other.”

In Fort Smith, city leaders believe the food trucks would bring more small business opportunities to the area. Fort Smith City Administrator, Wally Bailey says, “I think we have a lot of citizens that have traveled and seen the food trucks in communities, and how nice that is and how well it can be done, and why can’t we do that in Fort Smith? So, I think maybe things might be different this time.”

Today’s public input meeting will be at 11:30a.m. at the Creekmore Park Community Center. The future of the food trucks will also be brought up at the Fort Smith Board of Directors meeting tomorrow.



  • winsome

    They mean downtown. Food trucks have been discouraged from the downtown area because some restaurateurs in that area have voice their displeasure and believe that it would siphon customers from the already established businesses. It seems to be a zoning thing. Imagine being owner of a Mexican restaurant and someone parked a taco truck a block away nearer. Oh, on another note…. 5news, the picture you displayed above of the foodtruck is the jankyist looking food truck and surrounding you could have possible displayed.. It is so awful one my suspect that you are trying to passively skew public perceptions of foodtrucks. Just saying.

    • joesumone

      Whaa?!?!? KFSM skew the news? Never. They only report the truth.

      I couldn’t type that with a straight face!

  • Alan

    Yes! Food trucks!!! :) Also, I agree with Winsome. Why post a picture of the ugliest “food truck” you could find?

  • PeaceLily

    I think food trucks would be a great option in downtown Fort Smith. I don’t think there is a major threat to the restaurants. They are established for a reason, because they are great restaurants. If I want to sit down and have a dining experience, I’m not gonna go to a food truck and vice versa. People who would opt for the food trucks ate already opting for something else, in my perspective.

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