Several Wrecks Along I-540 In Fort Smith As Snow Falls

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -Fort Smith police and medical crews worked several crashes Monday morning as snow fell in the area.

Arkansas State Police and Fort Smith emergency crews responded around 10:30 a.m. to I-540 northbound lanes near the Rogers Avenue exit in reference to a Jeep Liberty that had overturned on the side of the roadway. An eyewitness told 5NEWS he saw the vehicle slam on its brakes on the wet road before hitting the guardrail and flipping over.

Emergency crews transported the woman to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

The eyewitness told 5NEWS the wreck slowed northbound traffic on the interstate.

Southbound lanes also experienced a slow-down, after three vehicles wrecked in a crash near the Zero Street exit of I-540. No injuries were reported in that wreck. A separate four-vehicle crash near the Phoenix Avenue exit on I-540 also blocked some southbound lanes around 11 a.m. At least one person was injured in that crash, Fort Smith police said.

By 11:50 a.m., Fort Smith police had responded to seven crashes in the area. All were clear by noon.

Stay with 5NEWS for more on this developing story.


  • not the mama

    Why do people try to drive in this mess, is your life worth a days pay, if so you don’t have much respect for life! You also could lose your car and cause someone else’ life to be shortened!

      • TOP KEK

        Even then Max, there should be a reasonable limit to where an employer should expect employees to come in. Unless I’m someone working emergency services or other *crucial* jobs that help others, I’m not risking my life or the lives of those around me.

  • not the mama

    It’s amazing that emax knows that is a welfare recipient, he must have esp or something, or maybe he’s a hateful no nothing, vindictive person when he;s writing on this post, but he has no right to assume what he wrote,but that’s what’s wrong with our country, trashing people just because they have a different opinion than he!

    • Derek

      But she won’t be embarrassed enough to sign up for the driving lessons she so desperately needs. Sorry, if I can’t feel pity for idiot drivers who flip their cars on ice.

    • joesumone

      Don’t blame this wreck on a short and tall vehicle. Blame it on the fucking stupid driver that decided to slam on the brakes. Everyone knew the roads were wet and the temp was below freezing, conducive for icing. Driver should not have been driving fast in the first place. Therefore, all blame goes on the fucking stupid driver.

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