Fort Smith Catholic School Students Turn Snow Day Into Cyber Day

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The snow and ice cancelled school Tuesday (Feb. 24) for thousands of students in the River Valley, but it didn't stop some of them from going to class.

Many Catholic schools in Fort Smith have what's known as cyber day in the event a regular school day has to be cancelled.

Sam Keaton goes to Trinity Junior High School. He spent his Tuesday researching European countries and doing an assignment for his science class.

"For science I had to watch a video on snow and how snowflakes are formed,” Keaton said. “For religion I had to write a tweet."

His little brother Levi is a fourth grader at Christ The King Catholic School.

“I did social studies, math and spelling," Levi said.

He also stayed busy with word searches, art work and world history.

Levi and Keaton's mother, Myndi Keaton, said the school work the boys completed will count for a full day of class, which means they won't have to make up the snow day later.

"I think it's great,” Keaton said. “The kid’s don’t have to cut into their summer and they have an opportunity to actually do work that needs to be done instead of tagging it on at the end of the year."

Union Christian Academy, St. Boniface Elementary School and Immaculate Conception Elementary School also have cyber days.


    • Mark Smith

      Anonymous, you realize you spell anonymous incorrectly – right?

      Based on your question, I surmise you didn’t go to a Catholic School and you are a product of one of the County’s worst Education Systems – right (45th to 48th in the country depending on source)?

      Your question is a dumb one.

      Crack a book.

      • Anonymous

        Please, Mark, tell me how to spell it? Also, I would have you know I have a Bachelor of Science in English Education and am currently working towards a Master’s in Special Education. I always spell check my comments before posting and multiple sources show anonymous as being spelled the way I spelled it. Not to mention, if I spelled it working, so did you…TWICE (in one sentence). Also, I did not graduate high school in Arkansas. I was simply pointing out that Union is incorrectly being identified as a Catholic school when it is not. In response to your hateful statement, I have cracked many books (probably more than you). I have also read tons of books from various genres, authors, and eras. One last thing, you should have put spelled, not spell.

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