Gallup: Arkansas Reports Biggest Reduction In Uninsured Rates In U.S.

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – The Natural State showed the sharpest reduction in uninsured rates in the nation, according to a report from Gallup.

A total of 22.5 percent of Arkansas adult residents were uninsured in 2013, and that number dropped to 11.4 percent in 2014, when the Affordable Healthcare Act made it a requirement to have health insurance or face a fine, the report from Gallup states. The difference between uninsured rates for Arkansas adult residents in 2013 and 2014 is 11.1 percent.

The Gallup report also notes that states implementing both a Medicaid expansion and state exchange/partnership for health insurance  saw the greatest improvement in reduction of uninsured rates.

Overall, Massachusetts has the lowest uninsured rate in the nation (4.6 percent), and Texas has the highest uninsured rate (24.4 percent), the report states.

To see the full Gallup report, click here.


  • Sarah 4.0

    The Affordable Care Act has changed people’s lives in Arkansas. Health insurance should be a basic right for American citizen’s. All other first world countries have medical insurance for their people.
    Woe unto the states that are not allowing exchanges to be set up and their citizenry is not having their medical needs seen to.

    • Sarah 4.0

      The reason Massachusetts has a 4.6 rating is because MItt Romney as Governor instituted health care for the states residents back in 2006.

    • Mark

      No comments from our religious nut bags I see.. I guess Jesus was against insuring the poor and uninsurable.. Let’s concentrate more on discrimination.. That’s more important anyway..

    • m.e.

      But….we don’t need no stinkin health care, Fox News told me so, because FREEDOM. What about Obama’s dDeath Panels?

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