President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Bill

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CNN – President Barack Obama, exercising his veto power for the first time in five years, rejected on Tuesday a measure green-lighting the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Obama’s signature denying the Keystone bill kicks off what’s expected to be a flurry of vetoes on measures that Republicans will send to the White House now they control both chambers of Congress.

It appears unlikely GOP lawmakers will be able to reverse Obama’s veto on the pipeline. The threshold for overriding a President’s veto is a two-thirds vote in each chamber of Congress.


  • Sosa

    Thank you Mr. President!

    It is Canadian Tar Sand Oil. To run it through a  pipe line they have to mix it with 150 different toxic chemicals, heat it and move it through the pipe line at 2500 psi. It will travel under ground over the Oglala Aquifer that supplies drinking water to the people , cattle and crops in 7 States.  

    The bill clears the Canadian company of any fault for spills and any clean up costs. Tar Oil Sand sandblasts the inside of the pipeline and when it leaks out at 2500 psi it sinks in water. If it springs a leak over the Oglala Aquifer it will sink and could take years to find.

    Canadian Tar Oil Sands is to be pumped to American refineries to be refined taking those refineries off line to refining AMERICAN CONSUMER PETROLEUM PRODUCTS CAUSING GAS PRICES TO GO UP $.50 or more a gallon. Those refineries are located in Texas in what’s called a
    ” FOREIGN FREE TAX ZONE “. The contracts for the refined products  are already filled and none of the contracts are for America consumption. The only thing ‘We American Citizens’ are getting is the toxic waste left after refining. The refined tar sand oil is high in sulfur and therefore totally going to China where their standards are much less quality.

    Just look to Mayflower Arkansas where a small leak occurred and the resulting devastation from heavy Canadian tar oil sands. Very sad.

    • Kerry

      Do you know how many pipelines we have running through this country now? We have many, I don’t think one more will hurt at all. You say it will destroy this and that but what is it doing now? This would create jobs here in the US and keep fuel prices down which I am sure you would appreciate. It would keep around 500 fuel trucks off the western highways, which for public safety that is amazing. Thank you Mr. President for now sending the oil to China only to be reproduced in a non environmental friendly factory. This has more advantages than disadvantages. Sure wish we did not have to rely on the middle eastern for oil. Anyways thank you Mr. President for all your hard work.

      • Sosa

        Kerry you are the one who has not educated himself. Clearly all damages and responsibilities are assumed by the United States Government per the contract, not the oil company. An agreement like that is unprecedented in history. And for what? Oil tar sands for China? And fifty permanent jobs? Get off your blog sites and read facts not supposition.
        The oil you use that has been refined to petrol is mainly from the USA and Canada. That is a current assessment not old news.

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