Springdale Police Arrest Parolee Accused Of Raping, Choking Woman

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – The Springdale Police Department arrested a parolee accused of raping and choking a woman, authorities say.

On Monday (Feb. 23), Springdale police went to a local hospital to interview a woman who said she was raped, according to an incident report. The victim identified her rapist as Tracy D. Kell, 37, a man that was paroled on Sept. 25, 2014, the report states.

The woman told police she and Kell had been smoking methamphetamine in his apartment on Sunday morning (Feb. 22), according to the report. Eventually, they both went to sleep and woke up later that evening. Kell did more meth, and he got “paranoid,” accusing the victim of cheating on him. Kell even tried to install an application on the victim’s phone to track her location, according to the report.

Around 2 a.m. on Monday, Kell got violent with the victim and started choking her while demanding the names of her other boyfriends, police said. The victim couldn’t breathe, so she started giving him random names to satisfy his questions, hoping Kell would let her go, according to the report.

Police said Kell then hit the victim in the head several times and called her a “dirty little whore.” According to the report, he then made the victim call herself a “dirty little whore.” After that, Kell forced the victim to perform a sex act on him, according to police. The report states he would hit her if she stopped. Kell continued to rape her, ignoring the victim when she told him to stop.

Later on Monday morning, she was able to get her keys and cell phone battery back from Kell (who previously took them away her from her), according to police. She got into a car and left, but Kell followed her, police said.

The report states she eventually made it to a local hospital and ran inside for help before Kell could catch her. Upon examination, police noticed a bruise on her left eye. The victim also said her neck hurt and had a bruise on her left bicep, according to authorities.

Kell’s parole officer was notified of the situation, and Springdale police were later able to take the parolee into custody, authorities said.


  • JAY

    another person arrested off being accused of something… how bout law makers pass a law that makes detectives actually do their job and investigate something and not according to what someone says….. that’s not innocent until proven guilty no matter how you look at it…so let’s pass a law that protects rights instead of taking them away. he may be guilty but right now it’s here say.

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