Walmart Opposes Arkansas Law Banning New Civil Rights Ordinances

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) – Retail-giant Walmart has said it is against a new Arkansas law that prohibits cities and counties from enacting ordinances to protect the civil rights of those not already covered by state or federal law.

Lorenzo Lopez, senior director of communications for Walmart said, “Every day, in our stores, we see firsthand the benefits diversity and inclusion have on our associates, customers and communities we serve.  It all starts with the core basic belief of respect for the individual.  And that means understanding and respecting differences and being inclusive of all people.”

He continued by saying although the new law doesn’t change how Walmart would treat its employees, the legislation “sends the wrong message about Arkansas, as well as the diverse environment which exists in the state.”

Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Feb. 23 allowed the legislation to become law without his signature. It will go into effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns.


    • objectivefodder

      Indeed Sarah! I totally agree. It’s in the best interest of all human beings, especially those who are different to feel loved and considered valuable in our capitalist marketplace. Wal-Mart is progressive (as they’ve always been) and I’m proud to have them call Northwest Arkansas home. Kudos to the world’s greatest largest business. Thanks Sam! Thanks Wal-Mart legal team, associates and all their families!

      • Joan

        Actually, if Sam were alive, I don’t think he would enter into this situation. If he did, I think he would not be on the side this company is now taking. Perhaps I’m wrong; I didn’t know him.

      • objectivefodder

        “Bye-bye”, Mister JD…we won’t miss you and I’m sure Wally World won’t either. If you’re that stupid and insecure with your pride and arrogance and have disdain and hatefulness towards other citizenry in our state (along with discriminative bigotry), truth be told, we really honestly don’t want you here either. May I recommend a cave south of Winslow in the Boston Mountains? Your kind keeps society down. We have our problems, sure, but one things clear and absolute, a regressive mindset and primitive think will never allow prosperity to be spread to “all” humans, but rather, only a select group or privileged with those like you voting and thriving in our culture. You’ve identified yourself in a group of “selective privileged” with your disposition and attitude. You’re superior I’d guess? You clearly can’t be a God fearing Christian, because your sacrificial lamb supposedly gave himself up for the indiscretions of all humans, not a select few, or with certain exceptions. So let’s cut to the chase, who exactly are you and why do think the way you do? Seriously. Your heart is seemingly tainted with disdain for certain peoples. Why? Look in the mirror my friend and do some serious self-analyses and rethink your mind with positive energy, will you?

    • JD

      Sorry objectivetoddler but I’m still here,
      I forgot to mention that I’ve found the majority of things that I used to purchase at Walmart way way way cheaper at other stores.
      But since you’re into name calling Mr. Toddler
      I really am taking back at how confused you really are.
      I won’t post anymore because People like you are lost souls I will be praying for you. I to am guilty of once not fully understanding the holy Bible and its messages.

      I’m a father raising children in this society and it is getting ridiculous and if you think that I want small groups displaying their believes and messing up my children’s minds, you’ve got a lot of growing up to do!
      when small groups mess with delicate learning minds, just who are we going to blame now The parents? Mr. toddler are you going to clean up the mess my children make once their minds get twisted by everyone’s foolish desires! I doubt it
      Goodbye, good day, God bless.

  • Lin Frank

    all they’d need to do/Walmart is say we’re moving our home offices elsewhere you think that would get the state’s attention? you think? doesn’t run the state? think again…it’s people like you that voted clowns like COTTON in

      • Kevin

        Mark you should really think before you type. If Walmart moves their home office they can’t magically take buildings and land with them someone will pay property taxes on it whether it be walmart or whoever buys it from walmart.

      • Mark

        Yes.. And there will be so many buyers chomping at the bit to purchase wal marts home office.. Just an every day real estate transaction.. For real dude??

      • NE

        But the thousands of people that live in and have moved to the area to work for Walmart or suppliers would leave the area. There goes all that income tax money. Property values would plummet with empty houses all over NWA. So yes, I would be very concerned with the Walmart HQ moving out of stare, and so should you.

    • John Mitchell

      And it’s people like you who can’t put a sentence together that make liberals even less credible (as if they even had any to begin with).

  • Kevin

    I bet they didn’t ask the employees what they thought this is the opinion of a few elite who run walmart so basically its the opinion of .0001% of the total population.

  • JohnsonCountyHillbilly

    Just about like WalMart to take credit for an increase in the minimum pay after it was slated to become law, now putting their nose where it doesn’t belong in order to boost image?

  • Kevin

    Last week you liberals called Wal Mart evil evil corporation stealing money from the poor to line their pockets now its Kudos to Wal Mart….pathetic liberals.

    • arnold fudpucker

      It is the kool-aid that distorts their thinking. Sorry no thinking involved with libs just knee-jerk reactions.

      • objectivefodder

        You know Arnold, most (not all) liberals are pretty objective (pun intended) entertaining fairness. I try. I really do. I call ’em like I see ’em. As a liberal, I’m a rare second Amendment supporter, but even though I’m conservative in that regard, I’m liberal when it comes to fairness and treatment of the common Joe. I despise greedy corporatist and capitalist pigs, namely big global corporations who cheat and cut corners NOT playing by the rules… With that being said, I’m glad Wally World appreciates diversity. They do because they’re made up of diverse people, and that makes them liable and responsible for playing by the rules and conforming to keeping their help happy and productive. And after the Millions upon Millions of fines they’ve paid out and laid out in the form of punishment by States, Municipalities and Federal Government, (and as a shareholder), I’m honestly convinced that they’ve been learning their lessons (the hard way) – that is, getting caught and paying up. Success has come with a cost. That “cost” has hurt them in their bottom line profit, and that’s good. Sad they have to pay, but they know better, like most moralist such as yourself. Isn’t it time everyone (corporations also) play by the rules and do things right regarding ethical treatment of people (associates) and being ethical in business? What a “win-win” deal, doncha think? Now if only small businesses and churches would do the same.

  • Kevin

    I have to admit mark you are probably the most low intelligent liberal on here at least objective and sarah make for a lively debate.

  • Kevin

    Mark out of all the liberals on here your intelligence level is very lacking, at least objective and sarah give a decent debate.

    • Mark

      You’re too fucking stupid to decipher who’s smart and who isn’t.. You can’t even comprehend Objectives comments..Do you even have a high school diploma.. Stupid fucking hillbilly!!

      • bbruns

        mark using cuss words to insult someone and at the same time again calling someone a Hillbilly man oh man what a world we live in
        The real question is why does 5 News allow anyone to make these kind of comments on their comments section ?
        Why does 5 News allow the use of such words on their comment section ?
        Why isn’t someone as hateful and ignorant banded from commenting on 5 News articles ?
        The bigger question is why is it that mark has a huge ego problem ?
        Is it true that people like mark have a conflict with intelligent people ?

  • JD

    Have I said how proud I am of my state right now,
    Well thank you state of Arkansas and the representatives you’re doing a great job!
    God bless the USA

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