Deal or Dud: Younique Fiber Lash Mascara

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Most ladies want long, beautiful eyelashes. Younique's Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes claims to give you a 300% increase in volume and thickness, according to the company's website. Is this a deal or dud product?

Like many busy women, Fayetteville residents Cayleigh Herlein and Krystle Smith are always on the go with their two-year-old boys, but they still want their eyelashes to look as long and beautiful as possible. They discovered the fiber lash mascara and are now presenters for Younique.

Smith is a breast cancer survivor and like many who battle cancer with chemo, the medicine took its toll on her hair, including her eyelashes.

"I lost my lashes, my eyebrows, and everything else," Smith said. "I don't have on anything right now and look how short my lashes are, and this mascara made me look like I had lashes again. It was kind of like getting something back that I never thought I'd have again. "

The women said it only takes a few minutes to apply the mascara. It's a three-step process combining transplanting gel and natural fibers.

It is relatively easy to put on, but how much does it cost?

"The mascara does sound expensive at $29," Herlein said. "It really does, but when you compare it to other high-end mascaras, you don't get the same results. If you go with the eyelash extensions, you're going to pay anywhere from $75 to $200 and they only last you four weeks. This mascara lasts eight to 12 weeks."

Although the mascara is water resistant, it is simple to remove. Herlein said you can use regular eye makeup remover.

From a breast cancer survivor and busy mom, this product is a deal and will have you batting your eyes with confidence.

Do you want to decide if this product is a deal or dud? It's not sold in stores, but you can access the company website and find local presenters by clicking HERE.


  • Paula

    DUD, all the hype and it’s not waterproof and really bad for your cornea! Ask your eye doctor if you get those fake fibers in your eyes how good it will be. I think they should be pulled. Horrible.

    • Sandra

      Fake fibers? It’s green tea fibers hun. Nothing fake about them. Make sure your buying from a reputable site not ebay or amazon!!

  • hannah

    This mascara is amazing! I too am a presenter and busy single mom and it is easy and makes me feel beautiful! Its water resistent which means it doesnt come off in water but washes away easily. The fibers are all natural made from green tea so good for sensitive eyes. You cannot go wrong with these products!

    • Wanda

      if you pay 14.99 it is not the real Younique and you are taking a risk. We offer a 14 day love it guarantee, if not satisfied your money back!

    • pookie Bean

      I hEar all this hype about real or fake Younique mascara? How would anyone ever really no for sure? Where do you think it’s make? Just like the so called real one (Both are made in China) hmmm so go figure save some $$$$ they both come from the same place!

      • Cara Fitzgerald

        All of Younique’s products are made in the U.S. Only their packaging for their 3D Mascara is made in another country. The product itself is USA made.

  • Rhonda Mabry

    Yes; Wanda… is the real Younique 3D filber lash mascara……I researched it well before I bought it…..I checked all the packaging and inserts to make sure it was authentic before I ever used it……I would never risk putting on anything fake around my eyes…..if you`d like; I can direct you right to the seller on ebay so you can see for yourself………that way you will know what you are talking about before you make another uninformed comment…….I; for one, cannot afford $29+tax for mascara…….so when I can buy the exact same thing for a little less than 1/2 the price; why would I?…..if any more of you would like the sellers` information, I can give it to you………1/2 price !

    • Cindy

      Rhonda, I am a younique presenter and have had several people purchase it on ebay for 12.99(before they met me) and it is not the same product. The transplanting wand is not the same and the logo is not on the top inside of the box. The fakes are sold on ebay. If you want the real thing that does not hurt your eyes buy it from a presenter. You always get what you pay for!!

    • Shonna Wright

      Rhonda… Hey Hun’s! You should think about being a presenter. That way you can get a product you love, the real deal, (because there really is a difference) and make extra money selling a product that you love in addition to millions of other women who love it! Not to mention saving money and making money from your own purchases. If you would like more info, I would love to show you how this would make a good opportunity for you. :)

  • Sue Pritchard

    My daughter loves these. She uses them for her Princess Party Visit business to give her more of the wide-eyed look rather than artificial lashes which can come loose and are hard to apply. In contrast, the Younique mascara is quick and simple to put on, very effective, and easy to remove. We get ours from Gina Hogan.

    • Shonna Wright

      Kat! Honey, is all with the application which makes a great difference. Some like it clumpy, if you don’t, you need to use a lash brush con to separate. But application is key. If you ever think about purchasing, I would love to assist you in proper application. If you still don’t like it, you can always return within 14 days for a full refund.

  • Rc

    I can make mine look that without buying the 3d mascara, a hispanic friend showed me how she does it, and it’s done with regular mascara, less than 10 dollars, and it don’t look clumpy

    • Linda Barnhill

      I would love to hear about how you do your lashes. I personally love regular mascara but as I get older my eye lashes seem to be getting shorter. I like your outlook. To be honest if it is such a great product they should offer free samples. Peace out!

  • Rc

    Dud,,I can make mine look better,less cost,less than 10 dollars, a hispanic friend,taught me how she does hers and they look better,not clumpy,and way cheaper.its the technic of how you do it

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  • Itchy niche

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  • Cara Fitzgerald

    Great story Heather Lewis. I have white eyelashes and white eyebrows that barely show up. Before I bought Younique, I bought some off of Amazon and hated it and sent it back. I was very reluctant to try the Younique 3D because of this but one of my friends was having a party so I helped her out. I am in love and will use only Younique’s in the future. I always purchase mine through

  • teresa null

    i love the 3d fiber lashes and will always keep them to wear…. i was expecting them to be something hard about using but so simple!!

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