Mother Of Slain Child Proposes Firing Squad Execution Bill

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – A state representative whose daughter was murdered by a man now on death row has proposed a bill that, if passed, would add firing squads as an alternative method to carry out executions under Arkansas law.

Rep. Rebecca Petty, R-Rogers, said she plans to file the bill on Friday (Feb. 26).

“The purpose of this act is to provide for alternative constitutional methods to carry out a sentence of death for the offenses of capital murder and treason,” the bill will state.

This proposition comes after the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday (Feb. 25) approved legislation that would eliminate the death penalty as a sentencing option in capital murder cases.

Petty’s recently-filed bill known as “Andi’s Law” was signed into law last week, according to legislative records. Andi’s Law allows¬†families of murder victims to watch in person as the convict who killed their loved one is executed.

Petty said the Senate Judiciary Committee’s decision to advance a bill eliminating the death penalty was a “slap in the face” after she fought for Andi’s Law. Her¬†12-year-old daughter was raped and killed in Polk County in 1999.


  • AV

    Sounds like Rep. Petty needs more time to heal. Instead of “Andi’s Law” this should be called “The Rebecca Petty Revenge Bill”.

  • Truth

    The man that murdered her daughter is still on death row in Arkansas. I find it extremely disturbing that Rep. Petty is trying to pass a law that is basically letting her choose how her daughter’s murderer is executed. If this isn’t a conflict of interest I don’t know what is.

  • FedUP

    How would any of you feel (even 20 years down the road) if it were your 12 year old daughter? The STATE of ARKANSAS convicted that man to DEATH – not “live off the State for 20 years!” I venture to say that, even though, Rep. Petty did NOT convict that man to death, I imagine she will not lose sleep when they FINALLY pull the trigger, flip the switch or plunge the needle. Would YOU if you were in her shoes? Hooray for Rep. Petty for attempting to untie the legal bonds (lethal injection litigation) so the State can carry out the sentences on people who cared little for the ‘humanity’ of the victims they brutally MURDERED.
    SHAME ON YOU TWO for attacking an issue you obviously “personally” know nothing about and for hurtling accusations at a courageous woman! Point is SHE didn’t convict him to death…The STATE of ARKANSAS did! Get the job DONE, by whatever means – HOORAH!

  • not the mama

    I will never understand why someone who brutally murder someone would have more rights than the victims, sorry to the rep. for her loss, hang them,shoot them, whatever it takes lets carry out their sentence!

  • Mark Smith

    Do any of you go to church? or do you simply repeat colloquialisms? If you do go to church, you need to pray, read and study more. Life is God-given and every opportunity to repent must be maintained (hence the 5th Commandment). Before anyone cites “An Eye for Eye,” you should read the entire passage.

  • Rochel Stickler

    It took her losing her daughter to file this…what about other parents that had their kids raped, murdered, tortured, etc. I think if they are sentenced to death…DO IT the next day…why wait. No waiting so you can file and appeal, no nothing, you were found guilty, sentenced to death….so its done, the next day kill them cause I don’t want to be feeding them with our tax dollars for the next 60 yrs

  • Government4thePeople

    In Rep Petty’s case, the murderer confessed and led authorities to her daughter’s body. There is no doubt about the guilt. The execution should’ve happened immediately. Not one month, not one year, not 20 years, but within the next few days. I’ve had enough of the court system being abused where the only winners are the lawyers making money off of ridiculous appeals and where the condemned murderers seemingly have all the rights. These innocent families are re-victimized over and over again every time another hearing is held or another news story is written. We the People deserve swift justice.

  • M

    Did anyone even bother to read the proposed bill title or body? No mention of firing squad or any such nonsense. How about haveing a clue before commenting. Especially the media.

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