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Teen Accused Of Beating Ex-Mayor Dad With Ax Handle Gets $20,000 Bond

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Ralph Bryant

CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) – The Mountainburg teen accused of beating his ex-mayor father with an ax handle appeared in court Friday morning and had his bond set at $20,000, according to the Crawford County Prosecutor’s Office.

Randy Bryant, 17, remains in the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center in Danville and may be charged in the near future with attempted murder. He appeared Friday morning in Crawford County Circuit Court. Bryant’s arraignment is set for March 11, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Bryant was arrested after Mountainburg police said he beat his father, former mayor and police chief Ralph Bryant, with an ax handle Tuesday. Mountainburg emergency crews responded around noon to the 900 block of Cedar Street, and the elder Bryant was flown to Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville in critical condition, a family member told 5NEWS.

Ralph Bryant suffered multiple lacerations and a broken eye socket. He was in critical but stable condition following surgery on Wednesday.

“He was struck in the head multiple times,” Mountainburg Officer Andrew McIntosh said.

5NEWS spoke with a woman who said she knows the teen well.

“It`s crazy,” said Pam Karsten. “It`s sad it’s just really sad. “He`s sweet he`s always been a sweet kid when I`ve been around him.”


  • Fed-up

    Seems like the correct punishment for the crime. Some will say too harsh but you don’t go beating your dad in the head with a axe handle and expect yourself not to get a hefty sentence. No matter how rough a childhood you have if its that bad go stay with your mom or grandparents or something shoot your almost 18 move out instead of taking it out on your dad who has served his town in many different positions and obviously raised your butt. I’m sure someone will chime in and make a snide remark but all I have to say is justice is served and I would not stand by and let my kid beat me over the head with anything. I’m sure Ralph didn’t have a fighting chance with someone swinging a axe handle at you your best bet is to shoot them in an extremity or run like the wind.

    • FedUp

      I have been amazed how many people have said Mr. Bryant had this coming. The only thing I’ve heard is he tried to keep the kid on the right line but he was out of control. He was supposed to be sent away back in January because of his so called issues. Looks to me like he needs to be locked up for a long time before he kills someone. Nobody deserves that type of beating, A lot of the smart mouthed parents you hear bad mouth the dad are just mad because when he was an officer he didn’t put up with their sweet little innocent children taking dope and running around at all hours of the night,

  • Rc

    20 thousand and that’s all,it should he higher,and prison.this would never happen, if my kid did this or tried to, he or she would have broken legs

  • Jessica

    I grew up in Mountainburg if you knew the how Ralph was and how he treated people and how he would use he badge against others and then use town money when in office for his own benefits. All of you might have something bad to say about Randy and what he did but none of you know what kind of man Ralph was and how dirty of a cop he was but my family and I do. I personally think he got what he deserved what he got done to him

    • FedUp

      you are a sick person to say he deserved this. Maybe he didn’t put up with you and your dope head friends when you were growing up. you must be one of the inbred hillbillies up there

  • Fed-up

    Jessica I know exactly how Ralph is. I worked for him! I didn’t do his dirty work or get involved in it but I know how he was. He was always a fair boss to me and always treated me kindly and taught me many things that were actually by the book LAW stuff not like some have seen of him but he did make sure his employees knew what was right and wrong.

    • J

      He was always good to me, never tried power tripping on me like the other cop of the time that went on to Alma, always tried to be friendly and even complimented me on my first car even though it was a piece of junk he talked it up for me lol.

      • Fed-up

        J I actually got Dennis old car and chief had Ralph car. Ralph was always good to me. Everyone has their own issues but Ralph was always going above and beyond to help me out.

  • The Unknown

    What you all see and what you all know are lies. You all are to blind to the truth, to defend him i cant not say you are bad for doing that just blind to it all. Even knowing that Mr.Ralph was a incompetent, crook a cop. I still believe that No one should be beat in the head with an Axe handle. The Day it all Changed, we should protect Randy, Tell me why, This is pitiful, But You all Believe the lies you are being “Fed-up” with.

  • Fed up too

    If you live in Mountainburg, you would know exactly who these people are criticizing Mr Bryant. Most of these people are criminals themselves who Mr Bryant most likely busted for drugs or their 4th DWI. As far as his son, he was simply a bad kid who is always getting into trouble.

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