Cross Church Pastor Urges President To Bring End To ISIS

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ROGERS (KFSM)- Cross Church Senior Pastor, and Southern Baptist Convention president, Dr. Ronnie Floyd is urging President Obama to take action against the terror organization called The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in an open letter posted on Floyd's blog Monday (March 2).

In the letter, Floyd writes that ISIS threatens world peace in a way that hasn't been seen since the Nazis of World War II, so he and the former presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention are calling upon the President "to use the influence and power of your distinguished office to take the necessary actions now in this urgent hour to bring an end to these human atrocities."

Floyd also writes that he and the other presidents are praying for President Obama and assure him that he will have "the unequivocal support of the vast majority of America's largest, and some say most multi-ethnic and multi-lingual, Protestant denomination in America."

To read the full letter, click here.

"We are doing what we can to bring an end to this ISIS crisis," Floyd said.

Floyd said the "necessary action" he mentions in the letter includes going to war.

"War should never be our first choice," Floyd said. "There are times where war has to be done. Things have to occur. If that is what is going to take to bring finality to [ISIS], then obviously the president is going to have to decide that."

Floyd said it's important for him and the presidents before him to tell President Obama they support him.

"We are calling upon him to take greater leadership," Floyd said. "Please do something. Not later, but now. Not tomorrow, but today."

Floyd said his church will continue to pray for President Obama, no matter what actions he decides to take against ISIS.

"Baptists have forever been people who are committed to religious freedom," he said. "We are committed to religious freedom at home, as well as religious freedom around the world. So, that is what we are doing, and that is what we are standing for here."

Cross Church has campuses in Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale and Neosho, Missouri.


  • Fed Up

    Floyd said the “necessary action” he mentions in the letter includes going to war. Ok, lead the way Pastor.


      I say we need to do something to bring them down. I’ve seen some of their beheading videos and it’s not right what they’re doing. They’re rubbing it in the world’s face and innocent people are being killed. I’m not saying we need to send ground troops but I think we could very easily do some damage with some air strikes. The videos they are sending out are only going to attract more nut jobs that want to be a part of some fanatical movement. I can only imagine if some of these Christians had they’re way they would be doing the same to people who don’t believe like them, or close to it. Isn’t some legislature trying to bring back a firing squad? Religious fanatics are bad all the way around whether you are Christian or Muslim.

      • objectivefodder

        Stop reading into the staged propaganda. The videos are fake and have been proven so. Tell your legislators to stop funding ISIS, al-Qaeda and other Saudi Arabian, British and Israel supported regimes. The entire quagmire is a masterfully crafted stage show to get the Evangelical Christian American Right into a feeding frenzy of Rapture madness. Any intelligent logically minded realist can see this. Look into the real monetary and backing and where the funding comes from. Don’t buy into the Zionist media trickery. C’mon people. You’re being played and groomed for another global conflict and you’re buying into the charade hook, line and sinker. Follow the industrial military war machine and industrial complex (contractors and wealthy benefactors). Follow the financing of these wars by the central banks. Look a the political pundit’s and the entire middle-east Pro-Israel financed fiasco. You’re paying for this and you don’t get it that you’re being used. War = $. Israel and the U.S. as well has Saudi Arabia are funding the terrorism. WAKE THE HELL UP!

    • Mark

      Great.. Why don’t you sign up first thing in the morning?? And if you can’t pass the draft requirements why don’t you offer up your sons and grandsons.. Onward Christian soldiers..

      • Kevin

        If you look at the stats its actually safer being deployed. More people died in my company from motorcycle wrecks after deployment then during. Muslims are cowards and won’t fight gun to gun man to man they will do what they do best and set IED’s with current technology and a very careful eye you can spot them pretty well.

      • Mark

        Why don’t you volunteer then? Are you exempt from that? Do you have kids that you can send since you’re such a fan of war?

      • Mark

        You asking somebody to think is quite shocking .. Just answer the question.. Since you’re such a tough guy why don’t you volunteer to serve your country again??

      • Kevin

        I did my 2 tough guy tours its time for me to sit back and watch others do there tough guy tours.

      • Kevin

        In fact lets throw some gender equality into the mix and require women to register for the draft as well.

  • judys

    oh now i get it…now that we have the endorsement of the pastor & his religious sect we can now take action. oh please, don’t you think we already know this without being a part of your congregation? or does it take a baptist christian to finally set it right & say, “hey, maybe we should do something”… thank you, but there is a greater audience in the world that already knows this dangerous movement..

      • judys

        obviously, unilateral & universal action must be taken against this movement. Muslims have only now (slowly) begun to take responsibility (jordan, egypt) for this corruption of their own faith, just why do the baptists need to tell us what we already know? with due respect to both faiths.

    • R.G.

      The pastor isn’t trying to tell “us” what needs doing…”we” already know it. He’s just adding his (and that of the other church presidents) plea to OBAMA to do it. Stop bashing on the Christians! We aren’t the bad guys you atheists think we are.

  • Sarah 4.0

    First of all, what makes you think Democrats can’t be Christian?

    If Mr. Floyd was so concerned about ISIS, he should have let Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfeld and all the war mongers who blew up Iraq for no reason, know his opinions. If no Iraq War there would be no ISIS.
    If anyone wants war, contact the military and be the first to serve.

    • Fed Up

      And Democratic Presidents Kennedy and Johnson who blew up Vietnam for no reason other than supporting the military/industrial complex. 58,000 American lives lost for what?

  • Kevin

    The only reason I got out is our war strategy is hugs and kisses when we should be using the if its brown its down approach.

  • Kevin

    Ohhhhh Maaaarrrrkkkk make sure you registered for the draft. I’ll be watching for you on fox news.

  • Sharon Wood

    Thank you Dr.Floyd…I admire your stand and stand with you not only for our country but Israel too..

    • objectivefodder

      I wish you people would delve into the realities that Israel isn’t what you think it is. How ironic a majority of Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Hasidic Jews know that Netanyahu is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. Why can’t you understand that the media is controlled by the Zionist? Even the highest echelon of Academia know this, why can’t the Fundamental Evangelicals get it? Netanyahu isn’t the Angelic being you think he is. Fact is, he’s an incompetent idiot who’s pushing for WWIII and was selectively put in power to play on American’s whims. Don’t you also know the U.S. has been funding ISIS through Saudi Arabia and the CIA funded Mujahideen? I don’t get it. Why are American brainwashed Christians NOT understanding the real truths here and figuring out that this ISIS is nothing more than a well-funded US funded plot to overthrow stability in the war torn Oil nations and pave the way for Imperialism control? Israel has received untold Billions of U.S. taxpayer funds to bully their neighboring countries. They and the U.S. military industrial machine and the central banks stand to gain in their conquer and divide strategy. Can’t you read between the lines? Even Israel has even admitted funding certain terrorist organizations along with both Saudi Arabia, Britain as well as the U.S. in order to destabilize peace. Research Moussaoui admitting Saudi’s created al-Qaeda and President Clinton admitting the U.S. C.I.A. created the Mujahideen. And yes, the Saudis funded al-Qaeda also. Now who is our supposed friend that helped us orchestrate the 9/11 attacks again? Was it, guess what, Saudi Arabia? Please, (for your God’s sake) read the history of the conflict in the middle-east, all orchestrated by global elitist who stand to gain power and profit from ongoing militaristic capitalistic endeavors. Kissinger kick started it three decades ago. And stop your incessant love for Israel. They’re not God’s chosen.

  • Richard S. Drake

    Usually the folks who say, “Bring back the draft!” are the ones who pretty sure that they will be safe.
    Muslims are “silently” rooting for ISIS.
    Boy, if ignorance is bliss, some folks are living in Disneyland . . .

  • Susan Brodie

    ISIS & other groups like them are based on religious beliefs, when you defeat one, another one will pop up to take its place. The muslim people need to educate the radicals on what is acceptable & unacceptable behavior, & you can’t go around killing people who are a different religion. If they are unhappy about US policy, they need to state what they are unhappy about & seek a non-violent way to solve the conflict, not beheading people who have nothing to do with US policy, & cannot do anything about it. I think we need to have intel on the ground to where the terrorist training camps are & send in the bombers & drones to take these people out. This is an ongoing battle, & until these groups stop popping up, we have to keep wiping them out.

  • Ter

    He has children has he offered them to go fight? Or the youth of his church? If he does that publicly might buy it.. If not.. No

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