Police Ride-Along: Keeping An Eye On Road Conditions

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GREENWOOD (KFSM)-The area saw a lot of accumulation overnight, but my mid-morning the sun melted most of the snow.

Greenwood Patrol Officer Johnathan Bass took 5NEWS along his route Thursday (March 5) to show us current road conditions. Bass said he noticed the snow picked up after midnight and was blowing around on his commute to work just before 6 a.m.

“The road conditions had a good buildup of haze of ice and snow as well,” Bass said.

Even though many roads have thawed out, police said shaded areas and rural roads take longer. Bell Park and the Shadow Lake Community both still had quite a few slick spots.

Jacob Burch and Dustin Williams are students at Greenwood High School. They had the day off because of the road conditions in the early morning, but they said by the afternoon,it got warm enough to go fishing.

“Well I live like over in Bonanza and it was pretty bad over there so I figured it would be out,” Burch said.

“I was very surprised [because] here in Greenwood it wasn't bad at all,” Williams said.

While Burch and Williams got to sleep in this morning... the roads were a problem for Brenda Johnson.

“They're pretty good right now,” Johnson said. “They were pretty slick this morning. I called into work; I had to have them reschedule for me for tonight.”

Police said drivers should be careful on the roads tonight as temperatures start to dip back down.

“Just make sure we watch out for those black ice spots where the snow accumulations may melt off and then refreeze tonight,” Bass said.