Pro-Life Campaign Wins Sign Battle With Arkansas Highway Dept.

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- Pro-life supporters will be allowed to hold their signs along a highway in Fayetteville, after filing a complaint against the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department.

Volunteers with the “40 Days For Life” campaign have been gathering outside the Planned Parenthood clinic at the intersection of Crossover Road and Joyce Boulevard since Feb. 18. The volunteers have been standing along Crossover Road, which is also Arkansas Highway 265.

Volunteer Sheila Prusell said, during one of their vigils, a state highway representative told them they were breaking the law by holding signs along the highway.

“This was a breach of our first amendment rights,” Prusell said.

The Thomas Moore Society sent a complaint to the highway department on behalf of the group. On Monday (March 2), the department replied in a letter stating it did not "intend to suppress the constitutional rights of the volunteers involved in the campaign." The letter goes on, stating only signs put into the ground broke the law, so the “40 Days For Life” volunteers could keep holding signs along Crossover Road.

Read the letter from the Thomas Moore Society here and the letter from the highway department here.

“We are grateful to live in a country that supports our first amendment rights to be able to be out here and do this,” said Jeff Courtway, a "40 Days For Life" volunteer.

The highway department letter also stated it's against the law to solicit donations or sell items or services along state highways.

The "40 Days For Life" group plans to stand along Crossover Road from 7 a.m., until 7 p.m. through March 29.


  • NE

    As a Catholic, who wishes no one ever had to get an abortion. I find it ridiculous to stand outside a facility that (from last I checked) doesn’t actually do abortions. Actual apportions are like 3% of the total procedures nationwide for Planned Parenthood. PP also does cancer screenings, prenatal care for low income women, a lot of women’s health in general. Seems silly to stand and tell someone not to kill her baby when the woman is going in for a checkup.

    • Truth and Facts are a Pesky Thing

      Interesting “facts” you have there, but a quick Google search of PP and their annual report seems to invalidate your “facts”. Uh-oh! 2012 FACTS: In 2012,abortions made up 93.8% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services, while prenatal care and adoption referrals accounted for only 5.6% (19,506) and 0.6% (2,197), respectively. For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 149 abortions.
      Or maybe this: Prenatal care services have dropped 32% in one year, and 52% since 2009. Adoption referrals are also down 4.5% in one year.
      Least we do not forget the money making scheme: During fiscal year 2012-2013, Planned Parenthood reported receiving $540.6 million in taxpayer funding, or nearly $1.5 million per day.

      But, hey lets not pesky FACTS get in the way of the truth: There are two kinds of abortion in the U.S. — in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill. Oh wait, the actual Fayetteville clinic does not have to perform services at their facility, as they can just hand out a pill and send them on their merry way!

      And PP’s 2014 Annual Report (their OWN reporting figures):
      Some other takeaways from Planned Parenthood’s own figures:

      ~ In 2013, abortions made up 94% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services.
      ~ For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 174 abortions.
      ~ While abortions rose, Planned Parenthood adoption referrals dropped 14% in one year, and prenatal care services dropped 4%.
      ~ Planned Parenthood’s cancer prevention services are down 17% over one year, and contraceptive services dropped by 4%.
      ~ During fiscal year 2013-2014, Planned Parenthood received more than $528 million in taxpayer funding, or more than $1.4 million per day, in the form of government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements.
      ~ Taxpayer funding accounts for 41% of Planned Parenthood’s overall revenue.
      ~ Planned Parenthood reported more than $127 million in excess revenue, and more than $1.4 billion in net assets.

      But, hey NE, don’t let pesky FACTS and PP’s Annual Reports get in your way of a false narrative. Just saying.

      • Truth and Facts are a Pesky Thing

        True enough, but do link their front page:

        1st item – Morning after pill
        2nd item – Birth Control
        3rd – Abortion
        4th – STDs
        5th – Health Insurance
        6th – Worried? Chat Now

        If they cared that much about women’s health the top 3 wouldn’t be listed on their front page. It would say 1- Prenatal Care, 2 – Cancer Screening, 3 – Women’s General Health, etc. I do get your point, but lets be honest, their own website promotes abortion straight forward. 1 & 3…

    • m.e.

      Whether you neolithic fundamentalists like it or not, Roe v, Wade is the law. Practice whatever the hell you want, but stay out of my life.

  • Feedman

    What I find both ridiculous and silly is that a District Maintenance Supervisor with the Ark Dept. Of HWYS , chose this group to pick on. Ms. Tina Sinclair clearly has an agenda, and tried to use her capacity as a state employee to intimidate the protesters. Just look around while driving and see all of the illegally placed signs on highway rights-of- way, and yet this is what caught her attention? Ms. Sinclair has every right to her opinion, and is more than welcome to stand next to these people with her pro-abortion signage, but only as a private citizen, not a representative of the State.

  • Elaine Cook

    Fact is…these folks have NO idea why any woman is entering the clinic or of her circumstances. Yet they judge AND call themselves Christians. Go volunteer at the center for abused children if you want to do something useful

    • I Know It

      I’m really tired of that comment. Everyone uses it.

      Find a different objection, please. We all judge. Everyone judges. You’re an idiot if you don’t. When you approach a green light to make a left turn, do you judge whether or not you have enough time to make it? When you’re at the park with your kids, do you judge whether or not it is a safe place by looking at those around? Why of course you do. We all do. Christian or not, we all judge. If you choose to go through life with a blindfold on, then so be it. This comment has nothing to do with the above article….I am just tired of seeing that. Everyone stating everyone else should not judge but we all do so let’s move on.
      Please pick a valid argument.

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