“Star Wars” Actor Harrison Ford Crashes Plane On Golf Course

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CALIFORNIA (KCBY) – “Star Wars” actor Harrison Ford, who played character Han Solo, crashed an airplane into a California golf course on Thursday (March 5) after experiencing technical issues.

Reports suggest the actor was transported to a hospital after he crashed the aircraft on Penmar Golf Course in Venice, not far from Santa Monica Airport.

Sources tell TMZ.com the “Star Wars” actor suffered more than one gash to the head and was treated at the golf course by two doctors before paramedics arrived.

To read the full story on our affiliate station KCBY – Channel 11, click here. 


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  • Avant-Garde

    All that recent acting portraying Han Solo and flying with Chewie in the Millennium Falcon got his “flyboy” juices flowing a little too much! Ease back, ol’ Han ol’ buddy!!…..We need ya for the next two Star Wars sequels yet to come.

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