Arkansas House Hears Bill to Recognize Morgan Nick Foundation

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Photo Courtesy Clear Channel Outdoor

LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – Arkansas lawmakers will hear House Bill 1034 Tuesday afternoon (Mar. 10) at the State Capitol in Little Rock. It’s a bill proposed to recogonize Colleen Nick, and the Morgan Nick Foundation, for their tireless efforts to prevent children from going missing or being exploited.

Colleen Nick formed the Morgan Nick Foundation after her daughter was kidnapped from an Alma Ballfield on June 9th, 1995. Morgan Nick was 6 years old when she disappeared.

This June will mark 20 years since Morgan Nick’s disappearance.

Since that day, Colleen Nick has spent countless days working to bring home not only Morgan, but any other children who go missing.

“I am truly honored that we are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the great people of Arkansas and fight for children and families,” Colleen Nick stated in a news release. “Together we are making a life-changing difference, one child at a time.”

Sponsors of the resolution include Representatives Bill Gossage, Charlotte Douglas and Rebecca Petty. It will be read at 1:30 p.m.