Barling Police Arrest Suspected Peeping Tom

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MIGUEL CAVEROBARLING (KFSM) - The Barling Police Department arrested a man who is accused of looking into a window of a woman’s home while she was showering and changing, detectives say.

Miguel Cavero, 39, was taken into custody and faces misdemeanor charges of loitering and criminal trespass, police said. They also said he could face additional charges in addition to the two named above.

According to the Barling Police Department, the incident occurred in the 2400 block of Ridgeway Lane just before 8 a.m. on Friday (March 6).

They arrested Cavero at his work in Van Buren Tuesday (March 10) just before 11 a.m.

Dixie Zimbleman lives a block away from where the incident happened.

"It`s frightening to know that that`s happening in a neighborhood where there`s children and ladies," Zimbleman said. "I`m alone during the day, and it would be very frightening to me."

Tammey DiMatteo lives just a few houses down from the victim.

"I was alarmed because you know you think it`s a new neighborhood, you always hope you`re exempt, but you come to find out no one`s exempt from that kind of behavior," she said.

Investigators said concerned neighbors are to thank for helping them find the suspect.

"They pretty much did everything for me, I mean they were the ones that took a picture of him, they were the ones that identified him for me, a hundred percent," Detective Ray Moore, Barling Police Department said.

Moore said the matter is still under investigation, and other charges may come later. Police said they believe this is an isolated incident, and said the victim didn't know the suspect.


  • Tracey Taliaferro

    PLEASE edit this article, and the film on the news-cast. The neighbor who is home alone all day has just broadcast that information to anybody who may be interested. IMO…this is a safety issue.

  • arnold fudpucker

    Lib response to this “He deserves amnesty and gubbamint benefits because all he wants is a better life”. Rational response to this “deport the scum”.

  • R

    WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS. Arnold, let us know where your ancestors came from, this way, when it comes time for your deportation, we’ll know where to find you. United States of America has immigrants arriving from all borders of the country. In North America: Innocent till proven guilty.

    • arnold fudpucker

      Just going with the preponderance of the evidence would lead one to believe this scumbag is illegal. Another dose of reality for you R my boy. What happened in history does not make the current invasion OK. This is the here and now and we don’t need these illegals streaming over our borders. In the 1800 it was a vastly different story wasn’t it! These invaders today have no intention of assimilating into our society. They want to dominate and change our culture to suit themselves. To that I say GO HOME. Doesn’t make any sense does it R. If their culture was great then what the @#$% are they doing here?

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