DOJ Trains Cedarville School Faculty After Racist MLK Videos Shown To Kids

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CEDARVILLE (KFSM)- A representative from the U.S. Department of Justice met with Cedarville School District faculty on Tuesday (March 10) after a teacher showed second-grade students two racist Martin Luther King Jr. YouTube videos in January.

About 100 faculty members went through eight classes of sensitivity training with Reatta Forte, who works for the community relations service at the U.S. Justice Department. The community relations service provides free training across the nation.

"The training is called drop by drop,” Forte said. “It [means] drops of water, how something can turn into something big."

Latia Hernandez’s daughter was in the class that was shown the racial slur-laced videos two days after Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She said the training isn’t enough and that racism is a problem in the city.

Hernandez pulled her kids out of the school and said she's gotten death threats.

"Telling me that they are going to hang me and my kids," she said.

Cedarville Superintendent Dan Foreman said teacher Lynn Schumacher showed the videos in her class. He said she was unaware the content was inappropriate until after the children had already watched portions of the videos.

Foreman said she is still employed by the district, but wouldn't comment about whether she was suspended.

"That was something that I was told from the superintendent and Hannah's principal, that I was going to get an apology,” Hernandez said. “I guess they just figured since I pulled the girls out then they can just let it go."



  • Bill

    I remember the 2012 Rodeo in Greenwood and the abused effigy of our President. Also the Confederate flag episode in the Greenwood schools. There are places in Arkansas where racism is alive and well. This is a sickness taught to children by their parents and teachers.
    You will answer to God for what you have done. This is what you call ‘Christian religion’ is to teach hate?

    • Harold

      Bill,There will always be racist remarks and racist people ….white, black, asian etc. We are all still brothers and sisters in Gods eyes. Don’t let small minded people change you. Pray for unity.

  • Tiffany McGrath

    Death threats? For what? That’s ridiculous, threatening anyone is stupid….it’s people like this that give us white people bad names….ugh…I’m disgusted. I’m sorry to the lady….for my people being white trash, inbred, ignorant hillbillies….

    • Glad we're not related

      So sorry your “people” are white trash, inbred hill billies. It certainly sounds like a self-righteous hypocrite condemning their own family. Makes me think they are as racist as anyone else. This “training” was a waste of money, but then with the federal government, that’s nothing new.

  • arnold fudpucker

    All this forced, so-called, training does is create resentment in those so forced and waste taxpayer money. This whole thing appears to be a dumb mistake and nothing more.

  • Amanda

    My girls go to that school and I can honestly say that no one up there is racist. The videos shown were by accident and isn’t it kinda funny that the only news you hear about is by the ones that are making such a big deal. We have heard from the Hernandez family and only them not anyone else that has kids in that class. Honest mistake turns into something about race what next? Why is this allowed to go on? No one else has formed complaints about race at the school and there are other African American children at the school. If this was indeed a race deal don’t you think other African American families would be coming forward about it?

    • Tiffany McGrath

      Ummmm no I don’t think that more would, considering maybe they don’t want “death threats” too….and as far as “no one up there is racist”…right…so Cedarville is the only place that there isn’t racist people!? LOL…whatever…there is people that are racist everywhere, which is sick. As far as it being a waste of money and time…I totally agree….can’t change people with little minds. They will always feel as they do. Which is sad.

  • Flossie Cox

    Why would the teacher show something in class that she had not watched? I still think she should be fired.

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