9 Teens Arrested At L.A. School For Alleged Sexual Assault

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Courtesy: CBS News

CBS News – Authorities say they’ve arrested nine male students from Venice High School for alleged sex assaults and unlawful sex acts against underage victims that occurred on and off campus, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Andy Smith said Friday that all of the suspects are between 14 and 17-years-old. Authorities are seeking five more possible suspects.

Investigators say they made the arrests after school officials notified them of two alleged victims.

Police suspect some of the sex acts were forced and others were consensual, reports the station.

The majority of the allegedly incidents happened fairly recently, according to the station.

The Los Angeles Unified School District released a statement saying they are cooperating with the investigation and that parents of the suspects have been notified.

“This is a painful moment for Venice High School and this District,” the statement said. “I want you to know that no sexual misconduct of any kind by students or staff will ever be tolerated in L.A. Unified.”


  • dyerAR72935

    Worrying about stuff out in California and NOT COVERING NEWS HERE IN Fort Smith.. There was a house fire at 16th and Grand around 3pm today. They had Grand Ave blocked off with Fire Trucks and holes..

    • Maxwell Smart

      This is not the KFSM of yesterday. The station is now owned by the Tribune Company, a national conglomerate of liberal propaganda. Local news is of no interest to these people. Their sole purpose is to further the progressive agenda, protect Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, while raking Conservatives over the coals any chance they get. They are very covert in what they do, but an astute observer can spot it in their headlines. Sure there are local stories thrown in for good measure, but you will never see a story critical of the democrat party or their den of supporters. All the government scandals are all over the news from reputable sources but here. No, 5 “News” is nothing more than a wretched hive of liberal extremism.

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