Fort Smith Police Search For Suspect After Gas Station Robbery

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -Fort Smith Police are searching for a man who robbed the Pic N' Tote gas station at the intersection of 66th Street and Phoenix Avenue Friday morning (Mar. 13).

Cpl. Vincent Clamser with Fort Smith said the call came in just after 6:15 a.m.

"I was actually already in the area, and was on scene within one minute of the robbery," Clamser said.

Clamser talked with the clerk who got robbed, Jake Patterson, who said the suspect came in quietly, waited in line, and then demanded cash.

"He just walked  right up to the counter, threw a plastic bag up there, and said 'Fill it up,'" Patterson said. "So that's what I did."

Patterson said the suspect then left the gas station very calmly, as though nothing had happened.

"It's pretty sleepy around here," Patterson said. "I've worked here two-and-a-half years and nothing like this has ever happened."

Jacelyn Walker, who also works as a clerk at the Pic N' Tote also said she was surprised at the whole ordeal.

"He did it like it was nothing," Walker said. "He just came in, demanded cash, got it and left. Just walked out the door."

Both clerks said the suspect got away with a few hundred dollars out of the cash register.

"Get a job," Walker said. "There's no sense in doing this to people who work honestly for a living. You've got to come in here and scare us to death and then steal from people who work their entire life to make their money? It's just not right. It's not right at all."

Fort Smith Police describe the suspect as a white male wearing jeans, a dark hoodie and tan boots. He was also wearing a skull bandana around his face at the time of the robbery. They also said they do believe the suspect is armed and dangerous.

"He was motioning as if he had a gun," Clamser said. "Whether he actually did or not, we're not sure. But he did act as though he was armed during the robbery."

Officers with Fort Smith Police are searching the area around the gas station because they believe the suspect could still be in the area.

Anyone with information about the robbery, or the suspect, is asked to call Fort Smith Police.

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