In Wake Of Re-Homing Controversy, Rep. Harris Tells 5NEWS He Won’t Resign

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - In a two-part "5NEWS This Morning" interview that aired Sunday (March 15), 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry spoke with Rep. Justin Harris, R-West Fork, via Skype about the controversy steming from the re-homing of his two adopted daughters with a Bella Vista family. One girl was sexually abused after being re-homed, leading to a 2014 sexual-assault conviction. Despite calls for him to resign, Harris told 5NEWS he's not leaving office. He also addressed accusations his babysitter made that he performed exorcisms on the two adopted girls, and the reasons why he tried to give up the girls.



  • Flossie Cox

    I still say he is not answering the questions and that he got the little girls for a campaign op and when he got elected (which is a shame) he didn’t need them anymore and just threw them away. AR should be ashamed to even allow rehoming especially to a pedifile. He treated those children like some people treat their animals. Just threw them out. He should be tossed out of office on his ear.

    • Glass Houses?

      Your comments expose your political bias Cox. It is ridiculous to accuse Harris of adopting the girls for political reasons. While it’s a terrible crime, Harris had no more way of knowing the future, ie molestation of one girl, than you did. Why haven’t you dedicated your life and fortune to preventing this kind of abuse? Adopted or natural, laws should pertain to all children. You can end your attempted smear campaign flossie, look to DHS if you must have a culprit. While many mean well, there are more horror stories connected with DHS than in a Steven King library.

      • John

        He gave away children. Democrat or Republican: he *gave away* children. It doesn’t matter how much he agonized about it; he abandoned these girls to an uncertain future.

    • Concerned Mom

      Good comment. But something is off just looking at him- his clothing is weirdly too big, oddly shaped. His voice is so high and female sounding. And he seems to not feel one ounce of regret.


      Mack old buddy you need to get your facts right, this piece of trash is a Republican. Typical of Republicans trying to make a lie into the truth. Nice try Mack, But We Got You !

    • hogger

      Mack – what a terrible thing to accuse democrats of. The party of Justin Harris? That’s just over the top.

      Seriously though – take this misinformed opinion, bottle it up, and write “Republican” on the front of that bottle.

  • pussytoes

    Nancy Thomas’s book described exactly the techniques Harris says he did not do. So which is it, Mr. Harris? You can’t have it both ways. One of those ways is a lie.

  • SuzyJ

    After reading ArkTimes article on how a team is scouring the Internet and removing negative comments directed at #JustinHarris I’m surprised to see some comments left.

    This case needs investigated thoroughly. It’s not a political issue although some are trying to slant it that way. This case is a moral outrage.

    As of Monday afternoon he’s resigned his vice chairmanship. Next he needs to resign, period.

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