Shantytown Participants Exceed Fundraising Goal

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-A group of Southside High School students spent the night (March 14) learning what it’s like to be homeless, and it was all for a good cause.

Students experienced what it was like to live in a “Shantytown” by sleeping in makeshift shelters composed of cardboard and duct tape. Despite the rain and chilly temperatures, Chapter President Kaersti McLellan said 80 students participated.

“It definitely is kind of an enlightening experience, and it opens your eyes,”i McLellan said. “Some people actually do live like this, and if it rains, they just stand underneath a building. They don’t really have much they can do, and it just kind of helps open people’s eyes that people have to live like this.”

The group had a goal to raise $15,000 to help Southside’s Habitat for Humanity Chapter. McLellan said the group was able to slightly exceed that goal thanks to sponsors and donations.


  • My .02

    Not trying to take away what they raised but is spending one night really experiencing what it’s like to be homeless. Didd they eat a full meal before they went knowing they had another one waiting when they got home? Showered, warm bedding, iphones, ipads. I’ve not had the misfortune to be homeless but I don’t think the real homeles have those opportunities and amenities – maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s just bad wording by the reporter.

    • For real?

      If you had taken the time to watch the story from last night where they interviewed some of the students, you would have seen them. Ring up that same point themselves. They are fully aware that many homeless had less than what they had last night. And yes, you were.

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