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Exploring the spectacular views the Natural State provides is something we do all the time on Adventure Arkansas. But what are the best ways to save some of the incredible sights we see?

This week is all about the best ways to capture and preserve the backgrounds the Natural State provides. On the north shore of Lake Fayettevile, we met up with Melissa Jones, a photographer with the Photographic Society of NW Arkansas also known as PSNWA.

She and her group have captured and chased everything from storms to sunsets. Jones attributes her years of snapping successful shots to bouncing ideas off of others in PSNWA. "I basically just went to every event PSNWA offered. I went to the classes and when we went to events, I would be standing next to people who have been doing this for a while. And I would say ok how did you do that. How did you get that shot? And he told me."

In addition to photography, Jones has a passion for weather. Whatever weather canvases mother nature paints for us, Jones always emphasizes safety. Wherever you're going to shoot weather whether it's just shooting clouds, shooting lightning, or actually storm chasing and you wanna shoot tornadoes, you always have to be safe.

For a split second, a bolt of lightning can illuminate the sky, something many weather photographers are up to the challenge to capture. "The best time to shoot lightning is before the rain hits so it's the beginning of the storm as the storm is moving in, and that's when you're going to get your lightning bolts because it's pushing that air. It's generating that static and that's when you're going to get your bigger bolts."

After over 9 years of saving lightning on film, Jones has tips for snapping a strike from the sky. "Just hold open the shudder until you get that lightning bolt and as soon as you do, you gotta close it. I use a remote control for mine because it's remote capable and it's really easy to control when the camera opens and closes."

To help you learn new techniques, PSNWA classes and activities are open to the public.

If you have serene and picturesque shots like Melissa does, share them with us on at
Visit PSNWA for more information.

For a full list of all the trails we have visited, check out the adventure Arkansas Interactive Map.

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