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Learn how to get sleep in a noisy place, updates on cystic fibrosis, and a new way to pinpoint seniors at risk of dementia.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have developed  a scoring new system to determine which elderly people are at highest risk of developing memory problems. The system looks at various factors including education, medications, smoking history and symptoms of depression. The goal is to develop an inexpensive way  for doctors to identify seniors  at risk for dementia.

The number of adults living with cystic fibrosis is expected to increase dramatically in the next ten years. Researchers say improvements in treatment and care are helping many cystic fibrosis patients live to at least age 40. Some doctors are now concerned there are not enough facilities to care for adults with the disease.

And melatonin may be the best  aid for people trying to sleep in a noisy place. Chinese researchers found melatonin supplements worked better than eye masks and ear plugs for patients trying to sleep in an intensive care unit. Doctors say disturbances in ICU’s caused by noise and light have been linked to slower patient recovery.

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