Tontitown Alderman To Submit Signatures For Special Election Regarding Fire Department

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TONTITOWN (KFSM)- A Tontitown alderman plans to submit signatures on a petition that could force a special election regarding the city’s fire department to the city clerk later this week.

Alderman Joe Edgemon said he believes he has all the signatures he needs and more to get his referendum on the ballot in June. Edgemon needed to collect 150 signatures on the petition by April 9. He said he will submit the signed petitions on Thursday (March 26).

On March 3, the Tontitown City Council passed two ordinances that will put all fire protection and emergency services in the hands of the Tontitown Area Volunteer Fire Department 30 days after the vote, eliminating the city fire department.

One of the ordinances amended a section of the Tontitown Code of Ordinances that deals with the fire department and the other waived competitive bidding, authorizing a fire protection services contract with the Tontitown Area Volunteer Fire Department.

Edgemon drafted a referendum petition that seeks to repeal the ordinance that amended the fire department section of the Code of Ordinances through a special election.

To read the referendum, click here.

Edgemon said the city clerk will verify the signatures then they’ll go to the Washington County clerk for approval.

The Washington County Election Commission will then make sure the referendum gets on the ballot for a special election on June 9.


  • Sarah 4.0

    In all sincerity Mr. Edgemon, you have been an alderman and a mayor, so please stop the madness and learn a new mantra.
    “Let’s keep Tontitown peaceful”. It has to start somewhere. Let it begin with you.

  • Fed Up

    Several years ago the city of Lowell had similar problems, problems so out of control that the media was constantly on top of the situation. Eventually, by citizens vote, the trouble makers were eliminated. Results? Better management, less BS.

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