Emergency Manager Recommends Having Private Storm Shelter

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SALLISAW (KFSM)- As severe weather season begins, many are contemplating buying a storm shelter.

American Storm Shelters Inc. in Sallisaw sells hundreds of shelters a year. They said buyers need to be mindful of who they are buying shelters from.

"You just have that piece of mind,” Nicole Bennett, who owns American Storm Shelters, said.

She said you have to buy a storm shelter from a company that's certified through FEMA.

“Right now, you have so many people out there that are not certified,” Bennett said.

She’s had people buy shelters from disreputable companies.

“If a tornado comes it`s going to pull them up out of the ground,” Bennett said. “Check with the Better Business Bureau, call your emergency management office, see if they can find out if they are a legit company.”

Michael Davidson is the Leflore County Emergency Manager. He said having a private shelter is a good idea.

"It becomes chaotic and people just don’t know what to do and where to go," Davidson said.

Bennett said shelters can run in different price ranges.

“$3,000 range with taxes and stuff most expensive one your probably looking at $40,000,” Bennett said.

Both said no matter where you live, have a weather radio, know where shelters are, watch local news and be aware. The 5NEWS smartphone app is free to download and a great way to get updates on the weather via alerts and live streaming.


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