Russellville Businesses Begin Recovery After Strong Storms

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RUSSELLVILLE (KFSM)- Cleanup is underway in Russellville, where several businesses are assessing damage after storms early Wednesday (March 26) morning.

Tony Moore and his wife own River Valley Title and Closing. Moore said he's never seen damage to the building, which is made of concrete and steel, in the 15 years he's been here.

"It's very unique," he said. "Russellville is not known for really having bad storms.”

Moore is now filling dumpsters with debris from the building and estimates repairs will cost at least $100,000.

"It did a lot of damage in just this one little centralized area. So a lot of our friends -- their buildings are really hurting too,” Moore said.

Just across the street, the parking lot of the City Mall and Planet Fitness is littered with debris from the roof while water damage inside caused some businesses to close.

“It's kind of overwhelming if you're not used to it," Wes Freeman, who manages all properties at the City Mall, said. "If you're in an area where you deal with that, then I guess you learn how to deal with it, but it's completely new to us."

Despite all that, business owners said it could have been worse.

"No injuries. That's what's great. It's a God thing -- we just give Him all the glory," Moore said. "If it had happened at 12 o'clock the building would have been full of people. So because it was midnight, no one was hurt."

The owners of the City Mall said they expect the repairs to cost between $500,000 and a million dollars.