Wind Farm Proposal Sparks Controversy In Elm Springs

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ELM SPRINGS (KFSM)– Some residents who live in the Elm Springs area are pushing back against a proposal to put a wind energy farm on a 300 acre plot near the city.

Dragonfly Industries, the company proposing the wind farm, is asking the city to annex the land, but some who live in the area want the plant to go elsewhere. Elm Springs Mayor Harold Douthit, however, said he supports the wind farm plan.

“It's new. People don't have the facts, they don't understand it, it is in their backyard,” Douthit said. “They just simply do not have enough understanding, in my opinion, to make a good decision on this. To me it is pretty much a no-brainer.”

Jonathon Hamby, who lives near the proposed wind farm site near Tally Gate Road, said he's not convinced. Hamby and his family built their dream home right outside the city last year, now he said he's concerned a wind farm will go up in his backyard.

“This is a residential area, there are a lot of homes around here,” Hamby said. “And, they want to put an industrial power plant basically right next to homes.”

Douthit disagrees.

“It is not residential property. It is rural, it is in the county,” Douthit said.

Hamby said he's for wind technology, but would rather not see it near homes.

“People have labeled us against green energy,” Hamby said. “That is so far from the truth, it is laughable. This may very well be the next generation of wind production, but we don`t feel that it should be tested here within 300 feet of homes.”

Douthit said his research shows those who would live nearby have nothing to be concerned about.

“It is no different than when Nuclear One went in along Interstate 40, some 50 years ago,” Douthit said. “A good decision is to take into consideration that it is clean energy, it is renewable energy.”

The Hamby family said they will consider selling their property to start over somewhere else, if the project goes through.

The mayor is holding a town hall meeting with Dragonfly Industries on Tuesday (March 31) at Elm Springs City Hall.


  • Flossie Cox

    Why can’t they put the wind farm somewhere where there is no houses? Seems like AR believes everybody who promises anything and puts up money and then like Mitsubishi they change their minds after the powers that be spent the money. I think the mayor needs to worry about his people instead of outsiders no matter what they promise. I am positive there are other sites that would not interfere with where people live.

    • Deb

      Finding the right area to put the windmills is difficult. You need to put them where they are able to catch a good amount of air movement. I’m sure the area and others were researched before deciding on this area. It not like they can just pick any place. I’ve seen these wind farms in Iowa and they have not caused any issues. I hope this goes through.

  • Maxwell Smart

    Clean energy…green energy…wind energy. ..blah blah blah. The mayor is an idiot and so are the suckers who believe this scam.

  • Listening to the people?

    How condescending is the mayor, patiently explaining how citizens just don’t have enough understanding to make decisions on this. “To me, it’s a no-brainer.” Aren’t they blessed with such a compassionate, all-knowing mayor? Another politician deciding what’s best for us. Wonder where the money trail might lead?

  • RUN!

    RUN! This is part of the Plains and Eastern Clean Line Machine. Everyone needs to run from this and put a stop to it!!!

  • Ed T.

    Elm Springs did a house cleaning in November and the new Mayor and City Council members are all upstanding, educated, caring individuals. They would never do anything to harm our status as a bedroom community. We are proud of our town and will continue to support what is best.

    Elm Springs can use the tax monies afforded by this wind farm. Before you run down our little piece of heaven, come meet the folks and drive around. The people who live here love their town.

  • gwyn

    My parents bought their land in elm springs in the 70’s and it was pretty and quite. Now you look out the back door and you have a large electric pole. There are jets going over approximately every 15 minutes and now you want us to look out the front door at a wind farm. What will be next? There are plenty of hills without houses. Why can’t they put them there?

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