River Valley Restaurants Come Together To Feed Kids During Spring Break

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Friday (Mar.27) is the last day of spring break for kids at Fort Smith schools. It was a welcome break for many of the students, but for some it can also be a scary time. That's because the food security they have at school goes away and they're left to fend for themselves for both breakfast and lunch. Thankfully, several sponsors have teamed up with the River Valley Regional Food Bank to keep the kids fed.

Many restaurants stepped up to make sure those kids get the meals they need this week. The restaurants include Geno's Pizza, Burger King, Panera Bread, and Joe's Cantina.

Many parents find themselves with the budget or without the food pantry to feed their kids at home. "Parents that can't take off work during spring break leave their kids alone, so they come to the library," said Ken Kupchick with the River Valley  Regional Food Bank.

The hard work is done by the sponsors who are putting the meals together one by one. "It's great to see businesses give back to the community, " said Martie Hilton.

They'll be serving lunches for the last time Friday (Mar.27) starting at 11:30 a.m.

The River Regional Food Bank also makes sure kids get three meals a day, during the summer break.



  • bobreal

    What BURNS ME UP IS; Parents get Food Stamps they get the food then trade it for BOOZE, TOBACCO, ILLEGAL DRUGS..

  • Agent 86

    The government and suckers like those in this story have given parents a free pass in this country. Bleeding hearts are not the answer. Liberalism and big government are making things worse, not better as you have been misled to believe. America has become a country of victimhood, institutionalization, and irresponsibility. So what does government do? Expand entitlement programs and allow an illegal invasion of more degenerates. Bankruptcy will be here soon and the Great Depression of the 1930s will have nothing on what’s coming.

  • Amazed

    Channel 5 I saw very few kids in this video who looked like they had missed a meal.. Take a look around and you
    will find most kids are overweight. Most of the foods supplied that were shown in this report for them to eat during spring break is nothing but carbs… And to the lady keeping that mother’s child for free while the mother works…mom needs to leave you some money to feed that kid while you have her. That is the least that she could

  • GetSmart

    You trolls don’t have a clue . You all watch and regurgitate too much Limbaugh . You should stop and get some thoughts of your own and then maybe keep them to yourself once in awhile .

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