Fayetteville Business Owner Showing Support For Religion Bill

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FAYETTEVILLE (KTHV)–Fayetteville attorney Travis Story is a proud business owner and supporter of controversial House Bill 1228.

“The opponents of 1228 would have you say it’s discriminatory but it’s not discriminatory against a protected class,” said Story, who also says he’s had gay clients in the past. “We’ve happily served them and would do so again. The issue is I’m not for having the government or any entity force me as a business owner to do any particular item.”

Story says because sexual orientation is not a protected class in Arkansas, the bill has nothing to do with discrimination. We asked Story’s senator and bill sponsor Bart Hester if he thinks sexual orientation should be included as a protected class. “When you start opening up civil rights where do you stop?,” Hester told THV11. “I think it’s critical to be able to believe what you think is right and hold your religious beliefs strong.”

Senator Hester says they have been keeping a close eye on Indiana and the backlash from Governor Mike Pence signing that religious freedom restoration act. So far he says there’s been nothing concerning enough to make him make any changes to Arkansas’ version of the bill.


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