Legislator Spit On During Vote Over Religious Freedom Restoration Act

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – An Arkansas representative was spit on during a vote over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act on March 30, officials say.

Rep. Rebecca Petty, R-Rogers, was spit on by a group at the Capitol protesting the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, lawmakers say.

Sen. Jason Rapert, R-Conway, said he was “amazed that people uplift this sort of behavior. We were a much better country when people showed respect and honor.”

He continued, “I don’t spit at or curse people for not voting for legislation they disagree with.”



  • Susan Brodie

    I haven’t read the bill & don’t know what it does, but if it gives businesses the right to refuse service to people based on their sexual orientation, that’s wrong, & how are they going to know a person’s sexual orientation unless they ask, & then a person could just lie, so what’s the point? Why would any sane business owner want to take money out of their own pocket? If someone comes in a business drunk or improperly dressed, they should expect not to be served, but if this law is discrimination, it is wrong. You cannot judge a person’s sexual orientation by the way they dress or what they drive or ride.

      • molonlabe01

        Then educate us what the purpose of this law is. Truth is, you don’t know, you just swallow all the right wing junk that is spoon fed to you and you would rather call someone names than explain how they are incorrect.

    • molonlabe01

      Yea, because the bigots who are supporting discrimination aren’t tearing the country apart at all. One party is trying to allow a party to not serve another because of something unimportant, while the other wants everyone to be able to walk into a store and purchase goods. Which one of those is tearing apart, aka separating from the rest?

  • GrubbyGrundle (@GrubbyGrundle)

    That’s horrible to be spit on. How disgusting and disrespectful. I for one don’t care about religious matters – I’m just waiting for organized religion to fade away. I believe in god – but have no use in organized religions. Mankind is not to be trusted. It’s sad but the history is what it is. I’m tired of living in a world where we pretend it never was and isn’t still.

  • countryrd1

    No the spitter was the one protesting the legislators voting down the 6 wk maternity leave for state employees while approving 40mil surplus revenue for pork. Get your info correct and don’t rely on legislator lies from “these” people.

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