Gov. Hutchinson Wants Religious Freedom Bill Recalled, Changes Made To Language

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(KFSM) – Gov. Asa Hutchinson has asked legislators to withdraw the religious freedom bill and make changes to it so the legislation more closely reflects federal law.

The bill is called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act or HB 1228, and it passed the Arkansas House of Representatives on Tuesday (March 31). It had previously passed the Senate as well.

HB 1228 is designed to prevent state and local governments from infringing upon someone’s religious beliefs without a “compelling” interest. Opponents of the measure say it will allow widespread discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Hutchinson said the legislation was “divisive” among generations and even within his own family. He said his son Seth had signed a petition asking the governor to veto HB 1228.

Now the legislature will have to decide if it will change the bill and what specific changes to make to it.


  • betsyross76

    Like abortion before it, the country will be divided over this issue as long as the country exists (which probably won’t be much longer). So enjoy your “victory” fudge packers, but you infringe on my rights at your own peril. Liberal hypocrites.

    • mark5266

      ^ unhinged hillbilly desperately wishing the rest of the world would conform with his fairy tale book. The best part is when you keep shopping at Wal-Mart (and no doubt making an appearance on peopleofwalmart) you can rest assured that your money is going towards a company which decided that ignoring your stupidity and fighting this bill was a good business decision.

    • arnold fudpucker

      Uh, you better tread very lightly when referring to someone else as a bigot. Your previous posts make it clear that you are a bigot and a racist. Just because people are tired of being hammered by these liberal special and limited interest groups doesn’t make them a bigot like you.

  • Delina randomA (@DRandoma)

    This law in not infringing on homosexual’s rights it’s simply letting others who have conviction’s opposing homosexuality the right to keep their own convictions. this is totally being blown out of per-portion! The other side is claiming that it is is bigotry, and that is simply not the case. if i see somebody doing something i don’t agree with i naturally do not want to participate an any way, that is my right. there are plenty of other people willing to do so, and no one should be forced to do something they don’t agree with and that is exactly what they are trying to protect. Further more pushing special privileges as the LGBT lobbyists are, i find them calling us bigots hypocrisy…..lets define bigotry shall we? Bigotry: noun: intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Sounds like the LGBT group is every bit and, probably then some, the bigots they claim Christians (and other non LGBT supporters) to be, because they cannot tolerate our views and have to shut us down and marginalize us.

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